My Drafts for Mac replacement

Hi Everyone,

While I’m excited that Drafts is coming to the Mac at some point, it isn’t quite here yet. I figured I would share my shortcut for “FakeDrafts” that I use on the Mac. While it obviously doesn’t do as much as actual Drafts (i.e. no actions), I primarily use it as a starting point for text on the Mac. I just use Automator to open a text file, add the date & time, and then move it to the folder in Dropbox where Drafts (the real one) saves my files. Not a complicated workflow, but figured I would at least share it in case it helps someone else.



Are you talking about where Drafts saves its backups in Dropbox? Because I wasn’t aware that it saved to Dropbox natively, without an action to do it.

Sorry for the confusion, just where my action saves the files. (I save just about everything in Dropbox in case I need to find a bit of text for reuse in the future).

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