My Drobo died; no Drobo’s for sale. What to do?

Agree. And you can do a secondary back up of the Mac and its direct-attached drives inexpensively to BackBlaze. It does not get much easier than that.


Having been in charge of a few Drobos and looking into support after problems arise, the consensus I found was move to another platform. Find another RAID situation, I will being as well next time I need one.

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I found Beatles wallpaper on Ebay! So you can find darn near anything there.

But with electronics be careful. Be sure to check their feedback. Sometimes mega sellers are the biggest crooks. Ebay has a money back guarantee so don’t let anyone snowjob you.

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I ended up with a 4-bay Synology, coming on Sunday. Also bought a 14-TB hard drive to back up the Synology. Data transfer starts Sunday; we’ll see how it progresses.


For me my Drobo 5D3 has been faultless since purchase in 2018 and overall I do like the solution.

NAS is great, but for large file workflow it just doesn’t cut it. My use case requires a DAS, and Drobo offers the best solution still.

I’ve been burnt by software RAID previously, so would rather a hardware RAID solution, Drobo is truely foolproof (I’ve done a pile of server builds with RAID in my time).

I’m also concerned about The future of Drobo (part of StoreCentric), so now considering other options.

To give me piece of mind, I ensure I have a second local copy of my Drobo to cover failure (as well as Backblaze online backup), my photos are also replicated into Google Photos (nothing better for finding that “one” photo). I’ve also got a Drobo maintenance plan, was reasonably priced). I’m also lucky to have a friend near who also has a Drobo, so could extract data that was in a pinch).

When my Drobo no longer suits my needs or it can’t be fixed, I’m honestly not sure what I’ll do. NAS, DAS or a few disks with that I sync via scripts), but it’s likely nothing will offer the same simplicity (and yes that comes with a trade-off).

I agree, like the Drobo’s. I wasn’t prepared for the possibility the Drobo itself would fail and not the associated hard drives. Otherwise i would have bought another external drive to back up the data a long time ago.

i was ready to plunk dollars down for another Drobo - 5N2 - and was happy to see the improvements in it from the 5N. But with nothing for sale and had nothing for sale since about October or November of last year, along with Twitter updates from them (we’ll have a few Drobo’s to sell in August…), it just didn’t seem a viable platform any more.

Besides, I had the dead Drobo since Memorial Day and there is only so long I’m willing to go with no backups outside of Backblaze.

I’m happy with where I am today. My Synology is being delivered today and we’ll start the transition. Should be interesting.

Thanks for the comment.

Let us know how your transition to NAS goes, good luck!

Also thanks for sharing details about Drobo, I had no idea supply was such an issue, and I agree with the thinking they are in trouble.

So I might end up joining you at any point!

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I’ve been much happier with my Synology NAS after moving off a Drobo 5N. Better software, more reliable connections from devices, and much more functionality that I’m gradually taking advantage of.

I know this an oversimplification, but from here Drobo seemed to be hardware company that software was an add-on, while Synology seems to be the opposite.

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If you don’t need the fault tolerance of RAID then a JBOD enclosure is more than adequate for directly attached storage. I don’t need that level of fault tolerance so RAID isn’t part of my strategy. Others can’t afford the downtime. YMMV