My First Workflow!

Well, thanks to @MacSparky @RosemaryOrchard and their amazing new podcast I have finally cracked Workflow, I fully understand all of the Apps features and after a bit of tinkering got my head around a few bits that threw me and built my first (non iTunes) workflow.

My wife has returned to work (flexi-time) after being a stay at home Mum for many years, and has a few health/medication issues that often lead to forgetfulness. So when she accepts a shift over the phone she presses TWO BUTTONS on her iPhone to do the following:-

  • Enter her shift date/time/location into her work calendar so she no issues remembering when her next shift is.
  • Send me a text message so that she doesn’t have to remember to tell me she has accepted a shift.
  • Sets ME a reminder to talk to my boss and make sure our shifts don’t clash with childcare.

How cool?!


VERY COOL! I am interested in workflow but sometimes things seem like they will be too complicated and I don’t get started. I will think of this the next time I feel like that…
Good luck!

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If you, or anyone is looking to get started with Workflow, I have a list of resources that people have found useful.

There might even be a reference to one authored by a certain MPU host :wink: