My Home Office for about 20 years

I’m mostly retired now but used my office for class preparation (I taught electrical engineering courses part time), shipping department for a textbook I wrote, and some programming.

This photo is old but is reasonably accurate in content but has fisheye lens distortion. The desk is from Ikea, really nice but discontinued. It was modular so customizable to fit.

From left to right, starting on the shelves:

  1. Mac mini server, with 13TB in external drives, drive “toaster” for backups, router, and AirPort Extreme as Wifi access port. These are on a bookshelf that also contains books.
  2. Paper cutter used to cut out labels.
  3. Recycling bin. Hidden behind it is the UPS for the server.
  4. All in one, replaced with Brother all in one monochrome laser.
  5. HP color inkjet printer for photos.
  6. 5k iMac with an old 20" Dell 2000x1600 px second display. 1989 Northgate Omnikey keyboard. Mouse and keyboard new and not visible ($10 Logitech wired mouse and a current generation Magic Trackpad. There is also a UPS for the iMac not visible.
  7. Added 3 years ago and not shown: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500. I do use the scanner on the Brother printer when I need a flat bed or just need a copier. Note that I do scan much more than I print.
  8. Bookshelves and storage.

Those are patents on the wall.


:+1: for the patents. Very cool.