My Homescreen in More Detail

Having contributed to the recent iPhone Homescreens conversation, I decided to turn that post into a blog post. A few friends commented on it following the publication of that post, so I decided to write a follow up to elaborate more on my choices. The post is quite long, so if you’ll forgive the self promotion I’m just going to include links here.

My iPhone Homescreen

And the previous post:



Most of my users & friends leave their ton of apps wherever they get installed by default. I’ve tried to help, but most apparently prefer to swipe back & forth (through programs they haven’t used in years) for the one app they need.

I share your preference for 1PW & Reeder. And for spending some extra time keeping Contacts more useful with photos etc. The time I’ve spent keeping mine up to date is frequently repaid. And occasionally saves me some embarrassment.

Thanks for the post.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d like to plug Casey Liss’s new app Vignette which helps with this.

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I downloaded it a few days ago. I think it works well, considering the limitations of harvesting photos from some social sites. It was definitely worth the $5 to save the updates it found.

This was probably a predictable addition:

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I do approve of the MacBook desktop, no icons, docks or menu bars at all, I have mine configured the same way :smiley:

I thought the use of icons rather than words was interesting for the folder naming, can I ask how did you get those symbols? I couldn’t find similar outline style symbols among all the emojis, are they copy and paste from elsewhere?

BTW, great blog, the post on De-risking Complex Systems was interesting, my day job is as a software tester so that was quite relatable.

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I used the symbol browser on the Mac, and dropped the symbols I wanted into a note to sync. You can use the shared clipboard feature now, too.

Originally you could manage your homescreens in iTunes, but that’s long gone.

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Ah right, thanks for that, hadn’t seen the symbol browser before, that’ll be coming in handy! thanks :slight_smile:

I am a big fan of this wallpaper, so thank you for sharing. Today, as I was surfing my Wallpaper Engine program (in Windows, unfortunately), whadaya know - I found this wallpaper and it’s animated! Slick. I am not sure if this is the source.

Edit to say that I suspect the source is from the game, Firewatch. It has the same kind of shades and colours.

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Rounded out the blog posts with a very short one on my MacBook desktop:

I’ll be giving it a rest, now haha.

My MacBook Desktop

Thanks for sticking with me on these!

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Hi there @Wolfie, I reinstalled my desktop OS and is now looking for the same wallpaper at high resolution. Where did you download it from?

Hey, I tried to open links from main post but safari is saying that website is down. @Wolfie is your website online?

It’s been retired for the foreseeable future :slightly_smiling_face: