My iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen Homescreen


Just installed iOS 12 beta on my iPhone 8 Plus and the iPad Pro. The quicker performance is noticeable right off the bat. It is extremely pleasing.

I was watching Chris Lawley’s What’s on My iPad Pro video on YouTube and had to rethink my iPad Pro strategy. Instead of having multiple folders on the dock I put all the non-essentials in one folder and use Spotlight as an app launcher.

This works well for now. We’ll see what happens as time goes on.

Apps on the dock:

Files: My file manager of choice
Drafts 5: Needs no introduction
Marvin: My favorite ebook reader. It is no longer getting regular updates. It is hard to compete with Kindle on iOS.
Things: Just bought it last night. Testing it out.

Frequent Folder: For all the apps I can find in Spotlight.

Working Copy: I use Jekyll static site generator/blog as a CMS for the three blogs I run. With a Continuous Integration, a few shell scripts, and GitHub, I can write the formatted YAML post in Drafts and use Working Copy to generate the site, which gets built and served up to Surge which is free to host. I’m also a front-end developer and open source contributor so this is an important app for me.
Textastic: Text editor of choice.
Blink Shell: Blink runs an always connected mobile shell for connecting to servers on the go.
Medium: One of my favorite places to read tech news.
Yoink: I have other shelf apps but this one works the way I think.
GoodNotes: Studying for an interview later this year at the Big G. I wasn’t using my Apple Pencil much but using it with GoodNotes to study is great.

So yeah. This is my iPad homescreen.