My new mobile office!

As an amateur writer, I get up early in the morning to write on my iMac before work. Then again I write a little during lunch break. I used to use my 12.9 iPad pro with smart keyboard for that, but I frequently cought myself wishing I were on my Mac. First I thought it was about workflows, but as I am mainly typing during this time I realized I just missed my mechanical keyboard (Das Keyboard 4). I can type okay on the Smart keyboard, but I like the feeling of the other one so much more. So I looked for a mobile mechanical bluetooth keyboard and since I need german layout the market for that was tiny. But I found this compact kb with cherry mx blue switches MINILA Air 68 that feels almost like home. Only the right shift key is awkward and still gives me some pain (and in german we have to type every noun capitalized).
The other aspect was that I decided to do more only with my phone (which was kind of an excuse why I could need the iPhone Xs Max, never had the plus size before).
As I don’t really need 12 inches of screen when I simply add text to my novel, I now carry only my iPhone, that super thin foldable tripod and the comparingly small but still pretty huge and heavy keyboard. Why waste room in my bag for screen if the main action happens under my fingers?
I really love this setup now and it helps staying focused, as switching apps etc is more complicated.
I would whish there was more external keyboard support on the phone though, I don’t get why they don’t add this functionality for rare use cases like mine – the code is in iOS anyway.
When I plan to do some mindmapping or research or whatever I still take my iPad, but most of the time it’s just my phone and my clicky keyboard.


Nice. What is the brand or a link to the tripod thingy?

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I think it’s this:

Hopefully @Robert can confirm my find.

I already bought that keyboard, I’ve been looking for a brown switch Bluetooth to take with me, since I didn’t want to take my iPad everywhere that I only need my phone and a Bluetooth keyboard. Thanks @Robert

If it is that pocket tripod, I think my mobile writing setup will be complete.

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Yes, that is the Tripod! Got the recommendation here. The only downside of it is that the hooks overlap a little with the bottom of the screen, so you can’t for example swipe on the home indicator of the iphone X(s) or reach certain UI elements. But you can also take it apart and place the two elements of the tripod more on the sides of the phone.

(Can’t take a picture with the phone in it right now, need the phone to take the picture …)