My new strange striped screen after updating to Montery 12.4 - can I solve this somehow?

Hello everyone,

After that I updated my Macbook Pro to the latest Montery 12.4 my internal screen became striped. Tried to reset NVRAM, no luck, spoke with Apple Support… so we reinstalled the OS, no luck.

Has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it?

What do you mean by “striped”? I don’t see any problem with the image you posted, which could mean that it’s a hardware problem, not software.

Can you elaborate or also take a photo of the screen to demonstrate what you’re seeing?

Thank you for your reply. You are so right. I am amazed. I was looking at this picture from my iPad pro… and it looks brilliant… but on my Macbook Pro 13# (early 2017) the pictures on my screen looks striped. I will be back where I have photographed the Macbook Pro screen.

Here we go, this the stripes I am talking about
I think it’s clearer now.

Have you checked the display settings? Which model MBP? Can you connect it to an external monitor? That could isolate the problem. I’ve had two Macs with GPU issues and neither looked like that.

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I have a MacBook Pro Early 2017.
This begun after I upgraded to Monterey 14.2
If I am using an external screen… no problems on that screen

I would try to go thru the Display settings, and change some to see if it makes any differences.
With an old CRT I would say, that you have a damage to one of the parts, that is generating the lines, but I thought that something like that would not be possible, on a LCD/LED Display.

We’ll there’s your problem, using a unannounced pre-alpha versions of the OS! :stuck_out_tongue:

More seriously, a couple things that you may have already tried.

Disconnect the external display. Does the issue on the laptop change or go away? A long shot as you note that it was working previously but it is always good to eliminate variables. (And I may have misunderstood and assumed incorrectly that your standard setup is with an external display attached.)

Vary the angle of the laptop display. Does anything change? If yes then it would point to a hardware issue.

If neither of these has any impact then you’ve at least eliminated a couple avenues to investigate. And would to me then point to a software issue.

Good luck and I hope you get it sorted.

I had a similar issue 2 years ago. Sadly it may be a hardware issue

Man, I haven’t seen those stripes since Tiger. (Sorry.) Are you able to downgrade to the last OS? And, do you see those stripes during the boot process too, or only in the OS? That kind of problem is usually hardware as someone pointed out. But in your case, if it started precisely during an upgrade, it might be the software is sending some mismatched signal or settings for your hardware; not your hardware having broken. And hopefully you can undo it.