My “nice” setup and “reality”

I forgot which episode recently but I heard Katie and David talking about the “nice” setup pictures we all see around when some people just don’t have that reality so I thought I’d share my two different days.

First up, here is my reality when I walk in to my office each morning.


I’m out of book shelves so I have some current reading on my desk. My wife is selling the diapers in the bottom corner because our youngest isn’t trained before her older sister was and we just don’t need a whole unopened box of diapers.

When I needed a shot for The Sweet Setup and my interview it was much neater as you can see from the pictures in that post.

So my “nice” setup is not quite nice all the time. It was extra nice for the photo that went online. One day I’ll get a full office that’s not in my bedroom.

That’s a bit more realistic for most I think.

Although how do manage to work in that!

I don’t really work in that. I clear off the books and my desk is 90% of what you saw in The Sweet Setup Post. The diaper box is sold and getting picked up tomorrow so that won’t be a thing to deal with soon.