My Set-up Minus iPad


  • 27” iMac
  • Amazon USB hub
  • LogicTech M570 Trackball
  • Logictech K750 keyboard
  • Plantronics BackBeat headphones
  • Bug eating frog paper weight
  • Seagate backup drive
  • Blue Yeti (Set up as USB) Micrphone
  • Lamp hue bulb (Alexa)
  • Full Spectrum Light by Sphere
  • Backup power attached to side of white file cabinet
  • Slide out drawer sticky notes, pencil & notebook…

Window wall on two sides with a container garden and honeycomb blinds on the windows to dampen sound.

The desk was the least expensive option from Office Depot. I usually build my desks but health problems said forget it at the time.

The Blue Yeti usually sits on a 25 pound container of lead shot. It dampens desk thumps and the like.

In the second mind twisting picture is a rolling podcast setup. Run though fancy four channel Zoom digital recorder. I use Hindenburg Journalist Pro to edit podcasts. Currently not podcasting hence Yeti on desk use Hindenburg to capture and process. Usually run recording through my Auphonic account too. You can see boom arms and shock mounts on Audio-Technica AT2005 USB and XLR connection microphones

Edit to add — My spouse has a similar setup. She got her own room with a door. I got lots of windows. …bpth happy. Her desk is height adjustable for ergonomics — not a standing desk.

Epson printer lives in my other workspace…