My usual complaint after an Apple event

A week of podcasts that literally repeat the same thing. Every show becomes the same. 15 minute recaps should be the norm instead of just burning an hour of ground covered in the event video. After I listen to MPU, I will just delete a week’s worth of podcasts. :grinning:


They contribute as much as YouTube reaction videos. /s


on the bright side, I am now to free to listen to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks while I play Sea of Thieves.

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Totally agree with this - one caveat. I don’t mind that podcasts cover the event - but rather than just re-reading what Apple has stated, please assume I’ve already watched the event and tell me what you liked or didn’t like about the event. I’m listening to your show for opinions, but what I get instead is a factual list that Apple already gave me.


On the other hand, these are usually the only Apple podcast episodes that I listen to regularly :stuck_out_tongue:

Skip the first of each podcast after the event, but then listen to the second when they air their disappointments! It’s much like don’t upgrade to the .0 software but wait for the .1

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Of the Apple podcasts I listen to regularly (MPU, Upgrade, Connected, and ATP) I find there;s a sufficient variety of perspectives on Apple announcements that it’s not too repetitive. Even those hosts on more than one podcast (@ismh on MPU and Connected, Myke on Upgrade and Connected) tend to bring different spin on the announcements to their different shows.


Totally agree. I like getting everyone’s take in things, but I really pay attention to people like Jason Snell. He tends to provide really good insight for some of Apple’s decision making regarding product releases.


how many perspectives will be needed for a phone? :grinning:

how many perspectives will be needed for a phone the most important, most used computing device in many people’s lives? :wink:

that is part of the problem.

we have all heard about iOS15 ad nauseum due to everyone being a beta tester now, so I ask again, how many different perspectives can there be? at some point it starts to just look like propoganda.

Aside from Safari, most of the podcasts I listen to haven’t said much about iOS 15 since WWDC. AppStories has had some nice coverage of various features, but most of the others haven’t covered it much beyond the Safari controversy.

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What kind of coverage would you like to see instead, that wouldn’t seem like more of the same to you? Maybe someone can suggest a new show or writer.

nothing wrong with covering it. 15 minutes. not a whole show. even Apple knows they aren’t really breaking new ground, these “spectacles” are just to generate buzz.

how soon we forget about the last one when everyone was talking about the missing 15 minutes instead of what was actually shown. it was drag to watch for me.

Ah. I would just scrub into that chapter until about 15 minutes is left, then–usually the announcements on the shows you’re talking about evolve/devolve into some sort of analysis via debate. If you go too far and don’t have context, you can always skip back.

If you just want the whole episode to be shorter, take a look at Dithering (should have an episode on this) and Mac OS Ken.

I don’t care how repetitious they are. I listen during my run so the conversation, repetition and all, keeps my mind off of my sweating, my heart pounding, my hard breathing, and my legs pounding the concrete. 🏃‍♂️🤣


A lot of podcasts of this type could be 15 min long and that would be plenty.

I’ll go ahead and make my prediction for the event:

Something will be thinner!


I hope its the airpods

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I’m hoping that’s me per the above! :joy:


How many podcasts are needed relating to Apple?

Personally, if my preferred podcast didn’t cover it in full, I’d be disappointed.