My Very First App!

I’ve been listening to MPU for years along with many other tech podcast, and consider myself deeply invested in the apple ecosystem. After listening to podcasters talk about the apps they use and interviewing developers I decided to try dabbling with Xcode. I immediately fell in love and started working on my own application.

I’m happy to announce Body Insights. Over the past three months or so I’ve created my very first application; a Health App replacement. I believe that how Apple currently has the stock app is confusing to use and understand. I wanted to provide a simple solution. At the same time I wanted users to have a range of settings to pick from such as theme colors, haptic feedback, Face ID or Touch ID protection, different chart types, graph animations and more.

With Body Insights you can see a range of health statistics based on categories such as the total distance you’ve walked this week, the least you’ve ever weighted, how many flights you’ve gone up today, and how many more steps you have to walk to hit your daily goal. With over 50 HealthKit categories supported, and a whole bunch of settings, you can tailor your health statistics to you.

I would be thrilled if you checked it out and spread the word.



Looks good to me :+1: - compared to Apple Health i like the bigger graphs and the colors.

Do you like some ideas? @Rspoon3

Ideas are always welcome!

E.g. it would be nice to compare different data - eaten fat/sugar vs. weight. Maybe for the first try some default-comparisons, later let the user select what to compare?

See here - first pic:

For the later development it would be nice to have different scales on the y-axis (because of different ranges of the source-data), x-axis stays the same - e.g. one data-point for each day. There might be some interesting findings in all the collected data. :wink:

I have a more basic version of chat comparisions going on now. If you tap the plus button in the upper right hand corner you have an option to add another graph on top of the current one. So currently you can compare two different sets of data.

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