My Yearly iOS Mail App Roundup [2020 Edition]

@ryanjamurphy Could you elaborate on this?

I am intrigued by Altamail given its support of the iOS ShareSheet, a huge ongoing omission by Apple.

That said, I am floored by the degee of customization that is possible on both iOS and Mac. Is that what scares you off for some reason? Or is it the screen layout given those huge options? Personally I love apps with tons of user customization built-in though I realize that YMMV. What’s the downside to this?

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Hey, if it works for you, great! The aesthetic just lacks something for me. :man_shrugging:


Is there any mobile app that allows the user to edit/change the subject of the email?

I agree the default presentation of the email inbox is not conducive to easy reading.

But on the other hand, almost everything about the format and fonts used is customizable - more than any other app I can recall.

I have not come up with a final favorite format, but I have tweaked it to be much easier for me to read and it is clear that it can be even better if I spend some time on that aspect of the setup.

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Preside, which I am experimenting with also supports the IOS/iPadOS share sheet. Highly configurable and very functional. Not so pretty and maybe too much configurability for some


Does anyone have any idea why Apple does not include the share sheet in its own native app? Seems very odd.

Ok I just downloaded it and tried it. It felt more like a web app than a native app. The share sheet is limited to their baked in choice of apps. I do not know why mail apps don’t allow for configurable url scheme share sheets. I admit that I only tested it for 10 mins or so because the interface was a total turn-off.

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@macsorcery - have you done another yearly roundup?

In the last few days, Airmail has started shoving their Airmail Pro ads in my face constantly even though I have a subscription. Not sure what caused this to change.

I did go into their reddit sub and I see posts about this happening to others. No reply back from their support which is apparently awful.

So here I am having to deal with this issue again.

On quick look, maybe Spark is my answer. I need something that integrates easily with Omnifocus (which is why I used Airmail), and I like being able to Send Later. That’s not a must have but it’s a really nice to have.

Airmail fixed the things I complained about so Im back on it now.

try deleting the app, reinstalling, and the sub will reactivate (you may need to do it on all your devices before reinstalling). I am not having this problem. Spark was really good but its very limited in its share actions and its omnifocus action is not as good as Airmail. In Airmail, you can choose the project, etc. Spark is missing this.

On Airmail on the Mac I hit the space bar and it makes a pdf of the email and drops it in the devonthink inbox. this action alone keeps me on Airmail…