Mysterious, Found Video

Here’s an unusual “side effect” to “ingesting” all my photos/albums into iCloud/Photos… (doing this as an experiment; so I can advise friends and am liking parts of using this service!).

Have encountered an unusual thing…

I had helped do video at a friend’s daughter’s wedding. I noticed the videos uploading during the initial sync; but got “one extra.”

There’s a 5 minute video at the start, looking at a work-bench and hearing two techs talk about their workload and shifts for about 5 minutes.

I have no idea where this is from – I suspect Best Buy, because I think I recall one mention of Geek Squad. The odd thing is that I recall this camera as being a new purchase for the family, right before the wedding.

So I’m wondering if the camera was secretly a refurb or if the memory card came from something they had repaired. In either case, the recording is accidental and was a strange apparition in the feed.

As an aside; they hired a pro. photographer who did not do video. He was very gracious to me in my “prosumer” role. In my PR days I worked with photographers and videographers (ones who worked for me and external journalists) – I always worked to “stay out of their lenses” and was just as diligent as possible to not get in his shots.

Real tip: If your friend asks you to help shoot any video/photos, get some time in advance using the gear!! I was convinced I had lost 1/2 of everything; but learned that half was on the camera’s internal memory an half was on the removable card. I was in a panic, post-wedding while I previewed things on my computer! … Then my friend mentioned that feature, “The menu will let you switch between which ‘drive’ your computer sees…” … I said, “What?” Then, “Thank Goodness! Pass the Champagne!”

Simply Mac sells used equipment as new. I stopped going there.

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