Nano-texture glass?

About to order a new (2020) 27" iMac; my 2010 model is too old to run any of the currently supported systems.

Should I spend the extra $500 for the Nano-texture glass?
Anyone have it on their iMac or Pro Display XDR?

Outside of reducing glare, is there any advantage?

Disadvantages? (I did see a posting here from user Zack saying it made the display too “soft”).

Durability? I know you can only clean it with a special cloth Apple supplies but I’m worried that I have 3 cats with claws and am worried one might try to scratch the screen. I suppose this would definitely damage it? Would Apple replace the screen under AppleCare+'s “accidental damage” clause?

Thanks in advance!

I made an appointment to visit my local Apple Retail Store and they had a 27" iMac with the Nano-texture glass and a 27" iMac without it on display sitting side-by-side!

Here’s a photo of the regular iMac glass:

…and the Nano-textured one:

Quite a noticeable difference!

But small text on the Nano-textured one was definitely not as sharp as the plain one. :disappointed_relieved:

As to my AppleCare+/Accidental Damage question, cosmetic damage is not covered under the “accidental damage” clause. If my cat decides to stretch up against the iMac screen with its claws out and scratches the Nano-textured glass surface, that would not be covered. If the cat manages to knock the iMac off the desk and the screen hits the floor and shatters, that would be covered.


So, buy the nano-textured display and encourage your cat to only perpetrate major episodes of destruction?

I actually have 3 cats and no need to encourage them to perpetrate major episodes of destruction – I usually refer to them as “The Wrecking Crew”! One of their favorite activities is to somehow disconnect data or power cables from external drives while in use.

This link has gotten over 400 clicks for some reason. Maybe cats.