Need a travel setup for Disney

Taking a family vacation to Disney World in December to celebrate the adoption of our daughter.

Really would like to develop a solution for the non-tech savy to ensure we have access to streaming services while we are there. I’m not familiar with Disney resorts to know what the WIFI setup is but I want to ensure we can have the Apple TV available to the kids should they want to watch something during the times we are in the hotel room.
My plan was to have our older 3rd gen Apple TV with us and have it connected to the TV. But where I’m not 100% is whether I should bother with a travel router. I don’t like trying this setup when I travel normally because the WIFI in most hotels I stay at doesn’t play nice.
Has anyone done something similar at Disney?

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The Apple TV and an iPad or iPhone can connect without the Apple TV connecting to the network. This is a tricky one to try out at home because naturally your Apple TV is connected to the network there - but it will work!

I was just at Disney world in May. We stayed at the Animation studios. Wifi was available in the rooms. I did encounter a little bit of issues trying to connect the VPN ( I use Tunnel Bear) from the room but it connected just fine in the main building where the food court was. I wish I would have looked at the TV in the room to let you know what connections were available to the TV. I ended up not using the electronics much as I was too tired at the end of each day.

Would you suggest doing just peer-2-peer with the Apple TV and an iPad instead of trying to utilize the WIFI?

Be sure to bring an HDMI cable.

Yes, usually (from memory) the Disney Wi-fi connections have a page you have to fill in information on, obviously that won’t work on an Apple TV and messing around spoofing MAC addresses seems like a waste of time on holiday :slight_smile:

Hi , yes I agree with above comment disney parks wifi will not allow a vpn such as depending how busy the parks eg epcot are the wifi disconnects every now and then and you have to log back on, other observations were that it was very slow at times again probably due to how busy the park is.