Need help getting control of my email

I’m overwhelmed by my email situation. I’m using Outlook on Mac (“old” version), iPhone, and iPad. I have seven IMAP accounts, plus one each for Google and Yahoo.

But it’s really my four work accounts that I need help with. I have lots of emails going in and out on a dozen projects. I want to save these emails in each project’s folder and be able to quickly find specific emails and print them if necessary.

Outlook makes my emails look great. I can embed graphics, cut and paste from Word, and use my logo in my signature block. But it has sync issues, including a couple of lost messages. If it’s like the PC version, it stores emails in huge files. Its search function is terrible. To save emails, I have been printing them to PDF, which takes a lot of time. I tried to automate this with Keyboard Maestro, but it can’t see the PDF button.

There has to be a better solution to storing emails by project automatically. What are you using that works for you? I’m willing to compromise on the benefits of Outlook. I would like an app that works with SpamSieve or otherwise has an excellent spam filter. I use Obsidian for my project notes. I also have DevonThink. Thank you for any suggestions!

Can you just tag the emails within Outlook or whatever app you use?

Or use one of the power email apps?


Why not Apple Mail?
I have also a bunch of accounts, I have to handle. Apple Mail works with SpamSieve, has a Devonthink AddOn (or is it called a PlugIn?) wich works pretty well, and you could define all sorts of rules, to get your Mails sorted as you want automatically.
You could also cut and paste from all kinds of Apps, use your Logo in your Signature and embed graphics and pictures and what so ever.

With IMAP-Accounts, you could even run both (Outlook and Mail) if you have a special need to continue with Outlook.


Apple Mail now the frontrunner. :slight_smile:


Postbox works has worked well for me in the past for saving emails to project folders - you’d have to do it manually, but it had a quick file allowing me to rapidly file and move email.

Its search is also better than Outlook I found. Especially now with Outlook bringing the "top 3"results to the top, which are 95% never what I was after.


Thanks, Ulli! I’m now fully on Apple Mail on Mac, iPhone, and iPad after many years on Outlook. So far, so good! I have a trial of MailMate and would appreciate its features, but I’m not ready to give up html and cut-and-paste composition. Apple Mail will give me almost everything I want to do. I don’t miss Outlook at all.

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