Need some monitor advice

Firstly, rest assured that I’ve scoured this forum looking for advise about what monitor might suit me. And I’ve walked away confused…
I’m a senior level Sales VP which means that I spend my Covid days In front of my screen. Could be working on some spreadsheets, preparing a presentation or reviewing docs. Is a 32” inch “too big”? My eyes aren’t great And I like larger fonts. I currently have a 28” 1080k.
Will 4K make text clearer?
Curved screens better/worse/meaningless?
Any advise for a lost soul?
Thank you dear brain trust!

I can speak to the 4K part: Yes For your use, I think this would be a minimum.

Most curved screens are really wide, and you sacrifice height for width. From what I’ve seen, the resolution is lower too. For your use, I would think height and resolution would be what you would want.

I have a 27" iMac Pro (5k), and external 24" 27" LG monitor (4k), both set to 2560x1440, which is default for the iMac, and scaled for the LG. So I can’t really speak to the 32" size. Speculation: larger than 27" might require you to back away a little more, which might counter the benefits of the larger monitor.


Screen height will depend on what type glasses you wear, if any. I use progressive lenses and find tall screens hard to use because I have to crane my neck up too much. My 24” iMac has been an excellent compromise.

A 1080p monitor is insufficient resolution for any but a small screen. Do your eyes a favor and get a 4K or 5K monitor. The goal is you should not be able to see the pixels but characters on the screen should have smooth, sharp edges, like a printed book.

IMHO, curved screens are only for immersive gaming, not at all for serious work. I’ve used dual displays for somewhere between 15-20 years now and I won’t go back, Each one can be individually “aimed” and each is flat. I now have a 27" iMac (5K) and a 27" 4K LG display in portrait orientation beside it. Portrait orientation is great for looking at full page documents.

One last thing, if you need glasses, I strongly recommend that you have a pair made that focus to 20" - 22" (what ever the distance from your eyes to the screen is. Just say you want “computer glasses”. Your eyes will thank you.


I wholeheartedly second this. I had a pair of computer glasses made a couple of years ago after putting up for far too long managing with just my progressive lenses.

I should have done it far sooner — I see the screen so much better now.


The size of display you want will depend on how far away from it you’re going to sit. if you have a setup where you’re closer, a smaller screen would be better. if you have your monitor set a fair way back, then a larger screen will be much less fatiguing.

At work I have two 24” screens setup side by side. at home, I have a single 24” screen with my laptop propped up as a second screen. At work I’m actually closer to them than at home and wish I had a single 27” at home with the increased distance.

Thank you everyone.
I’m a progressive lender wearer too. Once upon a time I bought computer glasses and never used them; probably why my neck hurts!
I’m going to go for a 27” Dell 4K P2721Q.
Thanks again

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Dell is a good choice according to my experience.

What suits each and one is very subjective. Personally I bought a 35" curved Benq a couple of years ago, and I will never go back to a “normal” monitor. I’m currently looking at the 49" Curved Dell…


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My primary docked display is a good quality (Dell) 28" 4K monitor scaled to 2560x1440 (resolution closest to “Mac native”) and I find that it works very well. Everything is clear, legible, and there’s plenty of space available.

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I’ve had my LG 5k 2k going on 3 years now. It’s a 21:9 ultrawide and can split the display between 2 computers - either 50-50 or 16:9 for one and the rest for the other.
It has 2 x HDMI, 1 Displayport and 1 Thunderbolt inputs. I use the Thunderbolt for my MBP which also charges it. There are several USB ports which I use for my original wired HK soundsticks and currently the wireless dongle for my work headphones. I use the HDMI ports for my work laptops.

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Talking about lot of monitor space, I’d like to suggest to invest in a good Window manager app. Personally I use BetterSnapTool, but there are some really good ones out there!


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Yep, I have better snap, Moom and Magnet. Moom is the one I use now

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