Needing a new MacBook Pro - but no 16" with M1?

I need to get a new computer for my wife, and trying to determine the best course of action. My wife has an old Lenovo that won’t accept Windows 10 and is running Windows 7, so we have to replace it. I currently have a 15" MacBook Pro that I bought in early 2017. I work a lot in Adobe apps on it.

I was hoping to give my laptop to my wife, and then buy a new 16" MacBook Pro, but I see that only the 13" MacBook Pro’s have that chip. So, I am curious what advice everyone has - should I go ahead and switch to the new 16" MacBook Pro without the M1 chip, or get her a cheaper computer and stay with what I have until if and when the 16" comes with an M1 chip?

At the very least wait till WWDC and see if they announce new MacBook Pros with Apple Silicon.


I think I’d wait until after WWDC to make any decisions, as you’ll then have more information to work with.

Edited to add: it looks like @ChrisUpchurch and I posted simultaneously. :grin:


Even if there aren’t any new ones released at WWDC, it might be worth evaluating something M1 based instead of the current 16" unless you know it won’t work. Then when the new ones come out if you want the 16" M2/M1X/whatever you can always just sell the M1 device.

Echoing thoughts here: absolutely wait for WWDC. Persistent rumors point to upgraded MBP’s, 14 and 16’, with Apple Silicon chips.

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100% wait for WWDC. That is where Apple would release a new MacBook Pro if they have one anywhere near ready.

I would be shocked if they don’t announce one at WWDC.

I’d be nearly electrocuted to death if they don’t have one by September/October.

Having said that… if Apple does not come out with a new M1 MacBook Pro, I can tell you that I traded-in a fairly high end MacBook Pro (16-Inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage, 2.3GHz Intel Core i9) with an M1 MacBook Air and found that every comparison I did ended up in the M1’s favor. It wasn’t even close. Even exporting/transcoding video was faster, by a significant margin.


I won’t buy an Intel Mac at this point. Their values tank every week. Even Apple trades them for a low value. I would just wait till the new 16” is released.

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Thanks all for the comments. Sounds like everyone is in agreement to either wait for the M1 chip, or go for the smaller screen. I have gotten so used to the larger screen sizes, I don’t think I can stand a smaller screen, so waiting seems to be the best option. I did read an article this morning that the 16" M1 is expected to be announce - but with a hefty price tag. I am not so much concerned about price. I have learned over the years that you are always better off going for the fastest processors, most memory and disk space.

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