Networking Small Mac Based Office

I need to setup a network for my fathers office which is going to have 6 to 8 macs.
I have a basic understanding of networking but I am unsure on what to use for a server.
I need something to manage user accounts, storage and DHCP. I understand that OSX Mojave has had lots features removed. Would it still be suitable for my needs or would need to look elsewhere? Any advice would be most appreciated.

Do you really need a server? To what purpose will the server serve? File sharing? Database? DHCP can be provided by the router you use for your internet connection. Just share files on the individual computers? Need more info about your business needs before much more help can be provided.

I need a central location to mange the Macs and user accounts, storage could be used in the cloud as we use office365.

you have couple of options
the first is the mac “server” utility , i used it for mac only shops and find it limiting . it can of course run on a brand new mac mini .
on most modern small shop today i use synology or qnap with LDAP open directory activated . works very well
windows server are also a good options for big shops .
for your size and options a NAS would be a good option , also a place to store file and to centrally backup from . i have at least 10 small offices that work like this .
you will need fairly capable NAS do not try it on the cheapest ones .

just my two cents .

one question that I forgot to ask is, what is best practise for setting up each of the Macs. It seems silly to set up a new Apple ID for each one, is there a better way to do this ?

Mojave + Server app is now basically useless as all the real server functionality has been removed. You need to look elsewhere, like a commercial grade NAS. DHCP, DNS, and VPN (inbound for remote access) are best handled with a commercial grade router. Don’t buy anything intended for home users!