New 14" MBP or M1 Air, Power vs Battery Life

I exepct that at 35,000 ft a Southwest 737 would behave significantly differently than a Greyhound bus…

ROFL!!! No, not all that much!

What I am referring to is that they stop in a number of cities, just like a Greyhound bus would do. I flew San Diego to Phoenix to Albuquerque to Kansas City to Chicago.

You are up and you are down, up and down…I haven’t flown in some time but it was well worth the $20 to fly with American or United and avoid the economy airlines. By the time you got to your destination, you were exhausted. Who cares so much on the way home but who wants to waste the first day of your vacation.

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Just a quick followup: The MBP arrived on Nov 23, well ahead of the Dec 09 date that Apple estimated as the earliest date for delivery at order time. It was a welcome surprise and leaves me wondering if they’re getting a handle on supplies :slight_smile: