New Evernote for Mac (Evernote 10.0)

I installed the new Evernote for Mac today and was stunned at some features that had been removed:

  • View an attachment inline
  • Press spacebar to preview an attachment
  • Quick note feature in the menu bar now only opens Evernote or starts a new note in Evernote

Also, you can only select 50 notes at a time (thus, you can’t select all your notes, export as a backup.

On the positive side:

  • The new notes editor is very nice and clean
  • Search and new note in the sidebar is an improvement
  • The default font is nice

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Evernote v10 Release Notes

Welcome to the new Evernote for Mac and Windows! We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up to make it easier for you to create notes quickly, customize them however you like, and find information in an instant.


  • You now have more control over the appearance of your notes. Use semantic headers and tables to give structure to your notes. Or change fonts, colors, and highlights to add a personal touch.

  • Checklists now get the VIP treatment they deserve. You can indent items, drag-and-drop to reorder them, and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing them off with a single click.

  • Adding rich content—like audio, photos, attachments, and sketches—is quicker and easier with the new, multi-function Insert button.

  • We redesigned the formatting toolbar to put the most popular options front and center. Bold/italic/underline, header level, font sizes and colors, multiple highlighter options, subscript/superscript, alignment, hyperlinking, and more—all right there at your fingertips.


  • Save time—and keystrokes. Get real-time search suggestions as you type to find what you need faster.

  • Filter your searches by tag, attachment, PDF, URL, and more. So even the most elusive notes will now appear at your command.

  • Make searching your Evernote superpower. Combine keywords, tags, or locations to find exactly what you need, then save those searches and use them over and over again with just one click.


  • The main screen has a cleaner, more modern look that’s consistent across all your devices. So it’s easier on the eyes—and easier for you to get stuff done.

  • You can now change the default width of your notes. Choose Optimize Readability for a more focused view, or Fit To Window for maximum information on-screen. It’s your call.


  • This update moves the app to a new codebase that’s more stable and reliable, for fewer hang/crash errors.

  • That new codebase means we can fix bugs quicker and release new features more often (yep, we’ve got some cool things already in development—join our Beta Program for a sneak peek!).

  • Syncing data across different platforms and devices is smoother and more seamless than before.

This is a big update that we’re really proud of—and it’s just the start. We’re going to keep working hard, releasing updates, and finding new ways to simplify your life.

Coming Soon:

  • Sign in with Apple

  • Edit creation date of notes in note info

  • Search and switch to a different note using a keyboard shortcut (Mac - CMD+J, Windows - Ctrl+Q)

  • Write quick notes and clip screenshots with the Evernote Helper companion app. (Mac - Click the Evernote icon in your menu bar. Windows - Right-click the Evernote icon in your system tray.)

  • Create new audio recordings and playback audio files

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Many Power User features are absent at the moment. AppleScript and Quick Jump to name the two I miss the most.

Not ideal, but one could run the “Legacy” (a “new” App with a grey icon) version even alongside the new version.

If you happen to do this and have AppleScript routines in place, keep in mind that they will work on the “Legacy” version just fine. You’ll need to change the tell block to tell application "Evernote Legacy" as done here.


I do not even use Evernote any more but this really disappoints me.

No doubt only a small percent of Evernote users utilize Applescript, but I would imagine those are the power users who are evangelists to encourage its use by others.

Is it really a viable policy to alienate your strongest supporters?


The removed features was the tipping point for me to leave Evernote.

Admittedly, I was already thinking about it as I migrated my notes to Bear and started filing documents on my icloud drive. I used to store all of my documents in Evernote, but recently decided that I wanted a local copy in case I lost access to Evernote.

Today, I attempted to export my notes to html so that I could access the attached files, but I discovered that no longer was an option in 10. I can no longer select all notes to export them in a single batch.

Luckily I had a Windows Virtual Machine with Evernote version 6 on it, I used that for my exporting. Close call!

Now that my data is out and I see the direction Evernote is heading, I’m going to delete my account . Bear will handle notes and iCloud Drive will manage documents.

I’m out!!!


I did something similar, except with Apple Notes and Dropbox.

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I did the jump out as well, but moved to Obsidian. Linking between notes is central to my workflow.

Haven’t completed a full migration of existing notes because I’m concerned with how the existing options will handle attached files and existing internal Evernote links, but will do so in coming days.

I’ll report back with migration details and workflow.