New Evernote on iOS

I’m in exactly the same position as you. I’d love to see Evernote Adopt some of the features of Roam. Easy creation of “sub notes” and automatic linking between notes would be excellent on Evernote.

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I second that. If EN were to offer what we now expect of modern PKMs, which is: easy linking, back links, aliases, graphs and if possible E2EE, hell yeah I’d be back. As long as they don’t implement any of this, not a chance. (Left them a few years ago for a soul-searching journey that had me land on DEVONthink and Obsidian.)

I still have an EN premium account. With that said, while the IOS app is a real improvement, the desktop version is a show stopper. It’s an Electron app and doesn’t work offline. In addition it no longer supports local folders and you can’t export more than 50 notes at a time.

I have thousands of notes and have routinely exported my data every month as a backup for the past 10 years. EN no longer works for me.

Doesn’t work offline?!? On desktop?
Gosh, selling socks what still a better idea than this.

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Not to derail this, but Apple Silicon can’t come quick enough. I’m so tired of all the Electron apps. :weary:


I second this – sorry for posting so much on that thread, but there’s a rumour that might bring hope, the fact that Apple may be aware of this and actively working behind the scenes to bring SwiftUI to other platforms than their own (like they did with Swift) in order to have a cross-platform toolkit… that just so happens to be great on iOS and Mac. Fingers crossed.

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Not allowing to export more than 50 Notes will deviate people from going Premium in future. I would not be doing them in batched of 50 to export for sure.

I use it every day still. I have lost a couple of things for right now, but generally I am very happy with the direction they are going. I have been using the product since the web preview and I have seen the improvements that they have made. I trust the vision on this CEO, and I think he has stayed consistent, he has communicated well, and addressed issues pretty head on in my opinion. It is a service I am pretty happy with paying for still.


Apple Silicon won’t remove Electron as the option for apps who want to be on non-Apple platforms though.

However, lots of devs are starting to do Electron well (VS Code and Obsidian for example).


No, but it will mean iPhone/iPad apps will be able to run natively on the Mac, without any additional work from developers. I’m really interested to see how those options play out.


I use Apple notes now.

Just the ability to drag and drop things in and out is nice in notes. Evernote stores things in a weird html format

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I’m following this thread with interest. Most/all of my note-taking happens in Drafts these days. I use Notebooks for PDFs and other files that need to be organised within a system (folders, subfolders AND tags). I still have an Evernote Premium account, but I think it’s really only nostalgia that’s keeping me there these days.

Those of you who’ve made the leap from Evernote to Notes: was the transfer relatively pain-free? Does search function just as well? I’m considering simply downgrading my Evernote account, which might leave the door open in case it develops in a compelling way, but on those rare days that I actually fire up Evernote to search for something, I think I might miss the ability to search within PDFs in the basic tier…

I have my entire life in Evernote with the exception of sensitive docs that are stored in 1Password. Fixing the underpinnings was critical and completely agree with that update. The UI on Mac and iOS has some very frustrating changes that make absolutely no sense. While the UI is cleaner, the functionality is jacked. I am also very hesitant about the electron apps as they are s…l…ooooo…wwwwww. EN has been pushing out regular updates and hope things will continue to improve.

I’m sticking with EN even after looking at almost every other option in the market place.

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When sync stopped working reliably for me this week, I moved about 250 of my notes in Evernote Notes and it was easy. The import works well.

For PDF heavy notes such as research and teaching I am using Keep It from Reinvented Software. I need the inline view that Evernote used to have for Word and Pages documents. That was about 2,000 notes, and it also pulled them in without issue.

There was no one app that worked for everything like Evernote, which makes the current state of the apps just depressing after 12 years of use.


Have you found a way to backup your EN data?

One of the reasons I abandoned EN after “upgrading” to v10 was because I could no longer export all my data at one time.

I installed the Evernote Legacy version, cranked up DEVONthink, and archived off all my Evernote notes into a DEVONthink database. Zipped Legacy in case I need it again.


I may have missed others mentioning it, but the big hair-pulling moment for me was realizing the Evernote for Mac doesn’t have Applescript support. Now, their blog acknowledges this and promises it will be back, but anyone who’s been around a day know how much promises from software companies are worth. (To be fair, they may have great intentions, but …)

So now all my Hazel automations for storing important docs that I scan or download don’t work. I could remake them with Keyboard Maestro macros instead of Applescript, but that’s a lot of work.

I would consider switching but I have thousands of notes in Evernote. Blech.


I’m under the same impression: not very confident if they will bring back AppleScript any time soon, but still have too much invested in Evernote to move around easily.

As a workaround for those of us who will not move from Evernote, you could install Legacy version and change the tell block on your AppleScripts. The rest works the same. I’ve talked about this on the the new macOS post in this forum.

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No backup option I’m aware of. With the latest release, it only allows for selection of 50 notes at a time that can be exported. At 3,200 notes that export would be painful for me.

I didn’t have any trouble with the transition unlike a lot of other people. My big pain point is the UI, feature set, and app platform. My experience with search is one area they nailed. It really comes down to workflow and whether the service provides the features you need.