New Family Plan


I have my own apple ID, hundreds of pounds worth of movies and tv shows.
My wife has her own, some music

We both back up our phones, macs, photos to iCloud accounts

We both now mainly use spotify though for music

I am paying for iCloud storage for her and for me.

If I create a family account and add her, will her photos etc move over to it when she joins, and what happens when we cancel her plan.

Anyone had any problems doing this, losing photos or data etc

Many thanks

Family plan is only for sharing purchases and iCloud-storage. Photos get not transferred automatically.

Thanks so nothing really happens with photos then, she keeps her photos separately its just data, apps, calendars etc

We have no problems in our family-group. Photos are shared if needed.

Family plan is app and iCloud storage sharing, on some plans. I share the 2TB plan with my wife and here mother, we can not see each others data. Her calendar and date is hers, you can not access it. Oh, find fiends is enabled by default too.