New iCloud Security and possible impact on macOS High Sierra

Apple has published the latest updates for the various actual OS, and it contains an new Level of security for several iCloud systems.
What I wonder, could I still use an older macOS High Sierra connected to iCloud, if I also use the new features on my newer devices, or will the older OS be closed out from iCloud with that?
Anyone around with already an experience on that, or an trustworthy information about that?

I thought I read that one could not activate the new security features if there were devices logged into the account that were not at a version of the OS compatible with those features. The options were to upgrade everything or log the older devices out if I remember correctly from early reports.

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All devices need to be on the current OS if you want to enable iCloud Advanced Data Protection, or the ones that cannot be updated need to be removed from the account (for example, I’m still stuck with Watch Series 3).


OK, thank you for those informations!
So I could update the devices of my wife, without the fear to get in trouble with the older Mac in the kitchen… :grinning: