New Intel MacBook Pro?

Hey all,

What do we all think about possible updates to the Intel MacBook Pros? At the moment I still need to run Windows (10 and Server) on my MacBook Pro and want to upgrade my 2017 MBP 13" this year. Should I hold off until later in the year and hope the new models have an Intel version or do we think they’ll be 100% Apple chips?


While I think they will continue to sell Intel based Macs for awhile I doubt you will see any new systems. All engineering effort will be directed at the Apple chips. Most you could hope for would be a processor upgrade that would work on the existing designs.


If I were to have a reason to have to continue running Windows on a Mac notebook and I were also thinking about buying one, I would buy right now. I’m not with Apple and I have no inside information, but I would be stunned if they were to release or update a notebook computer with an Intel CPU.


I agree. Intel desktop pro machine maybe, but not a notebook.

I have the same concern with my iMac, so I bought a new one this summer. I expect it will be the final Intel iMac they offer. The 13" Intel MBPs are likely to go away this year when they have a second generation M1 that eliminates the need to continue the Intel model. I don’t think Apple cares about people who want to run Intel architecture VMs.

For my more distant future proofing I’ve got several Mac minis which never seem to die and are capable of running the VMs (I recently added RAM and SSDs to them) using Microsoft Remote Desktop. This runs much more efficiently than VNC to access.