New iPad Pro Apple Notes won't sync

I have a new iPad Pro that Apple sent me as a repair and I set up as a new iPad to start fresh. Everything seems to be synching with the exception of Apple Notes. I’ve tried everything I know, including doing a full reset, turning iCloud on and off, turning AppleNotes synching on and off, deleting the app and reinstalling.
I’m at a loss. Anything else I may have missed that you guys thing may help? I appreciate any assistance and thank you in advance.

Yeah, I’ve got that T-shirt. Some claim that turning off iCloud on all devices at the same time then turning them back on, problem device last, has started everything syncing again.
I’ve tried that from time to time when iCloud gets constipated but can’t say that it did any good.

I seem to have the best success adding random items on my Mac and other IOS devices waiting an hour or two, then deleting a couple of them on each device. Then waiting . . .

The last time I had this problem I gave up relying on Apple Notes. Then several days later I noticed everything was working again. Good luck.

Yep - I’ve had exactly the same symptoms.

Have you checked them via iCloud website to see if the changes are propagating that far ? Try making changes on iPad and other devices and see which do/don’t reach iCloud.

It doesn’t fix it but did help me diagnose further. In my case it turned out to be a VPN blocking traffic on one port from a single device. When the VPN was on it failed, the. It caught up again when the VPN was disabled.

I have contemplated moving away from Notes many times and tried lots of others but keeping coming back to it.

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The last time I ran into the problem, changes to my iPhone and Mac were syncing but not my iPad. Then sometime in the next four days the iPad started syncing. It could have happened 10 minutes after I gave up or 4 days later. I really don’t know. (At some point, when fighting iCloud syncing problems, I start channeling Rhett Butler, "Frankly my dear, I don’t give a . . . ". and walk away)

I’m a long time Evernote user, but Apple Notes has advanced to a point that it would be a viable replacement for me, if it were reliable. I’d miss the EN web clipper, but AN does a great job of searching the contents of my notes and pdf files.

So for now, I’m keeping a duplicate set of files of everything that goes into Apple Notes while I wait to see how the great Evernote revival turns out.

Call Apple, do everything they say, five times over, then wait for 12 months. Problem solved! (Because you’ll have bought a new device that will work by then.)

The WORST part of iCloud is not when it doesn’t work, it’s the utter inability of Apple to accept there is a problem and actually figure out how to fix it. Stuff breaks. I get that. But Apple gotta do soooo much better at fixing.

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