New iPad Pro - I did it

OK, I did it. I bought a new 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

I had been using the last generation of iPad Pro 9.7 inch. Kind of tough to justify on function alone, because it still works perfectly, with the first generation pencil. Four years later. So why upgrade?

I had struggled with the use case. I use the iPad primarily for reading, note taking on my reading (pencil) and note taking in person or in church. I use my 13 inch (should be bigger) MacBook Pro for work - every day - all day with 2 external monitors, and Caldigit dock on the desk to keep it together. That is my work computer. In the last two years, the only time I have removed that MacBook from the desk is when I need to go on sight with a client. I used to use a laptop for my “recreational” computing (I like to write, edit videos at times, and photos), but I found I wasn’t doing that as much now, and I miss it.

In addition, I the work use for my computer has typically not lent itself well to iPad use. I use certain web applications as a Salesforce Architect/developer that did not run well on Safari for iOS - although I had limited success in experiments with Chrome.

Well, with iOS 13 and Safari working as a desktop browser (for the most part), I thought that maybe, just maybe I could use an iPad for my personal computing (something about a keyboard) and MAYBE even do some of my work computing, or my training on the iPad with iOS? In addition, before my latest iPad, I had the cellular connection on my iPad, and I really miss it! So, with a $300 billing credit with my carrier, I jumped in.

So far, I love it! I have run the training that I do on it (basically sandboxed versions of the software I use every day) without any issues on safari (a few strange ways it treats pop ups, but might be something I can fix with settings.) Back to writing for fun now (with the magic keyboard - that is quite an invention!) - and just enjoying it! As for weight, about the same as the MacBook Pro, but with a much better battery life!

This may change my needs for the future - I can see being able to use the iPad when I need to be on site (for hard-core development, still use terminal and VS Code, but these may be moving to web based apps - but I don’t picture doing much hard-core development while on site).and possibly going with an iMac as my Mac. I can maybe see the possible need for a MacBook, but it probably will not require one nearly as spaced out.

But for my personal computing, with some lite use for work, so far so good!