New iPad Pros - What Will Make You Upgrade?

Out of curiosity what charger comes with the new iPad Pros? Apple lists a $49 30W USB-C Power Adapter on their site as an option (though I’d probably go for Anker’s 30w or 50w chargers, which sell for under $30).

According to the website, the following items come with the new iPad Pro models:

  • USB-C Charge Cable (1 meter)
  • 18W USB-C Power Adapter

Thanks Joe. A friend bought her daughter the original 12.9" iPad Pro when it came out, and the recharging was painfully slow with the included charger, so they had to buy a more powerful one from Apple to get a reasonable recharge time. I don’t recall the wattages involved, unfortunately.

How have the charging times been with the 10.5" iPad Pros? Has a more powerful optional charger been a needed upgrade for that newer model?

I’m going to take the plunge on a 12.9 WiFi only. Just debating between 512 and 1 Tb.

@bowline, the iPad Pros (at least the 10.5”) support(s) fast charging if one uses an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and a charger that supports USB-PD (Power Delivery). I have on occasion used to his method but my usual charging is with the standard USB-A to Lightning cable and an Anker 2A (10W) charger; it’s the charger on my night stand that handles 2 phones, 1 watch, and the iPad.

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All of the 12.9" models (back to the original iPad Pro) also support fast charging. The only iPad Pro that does not is the 9.7" version.

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Since I’m still running the original 12.9", I was watching the event with interest.

The new 12.9" is going to hit a good sweet-spot in my opinion, since I love the size of my current display, but would certainly appreciate having that same size screen, but on a smaller physical device. Presumably, it’s lighter than the original 12.9" as well - which is great.

But goodness, the Apple tax is going to lash us this side… I will have to settle for the 256, and might even forego the Mobile version, since the Folio+Pencil is going to push the cost to the limits of what I would find reasonable!

Regardless, this is going to be a very nice upgrade!

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The 1TB one is the only one getting 6GB of RAM. I don’t think that is a real problem but worth to consider

Why, oh why is that not highlighted by Apple?!?! Bah. Now I’m really going to regret this. :confounded:

To be fair, that’s not confirmed, but is what Steve Troughton-Smith said on Twitter.

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Yes, I saw. Based on some comments here and there I get a feeling that it’s almost unlikely to be true. If it is true, it’s a serious disaster on Apple’s part as I see it. I’ll be REALLY annoyed. Even if it probably doesn’t have much of an impact in actual use.

It feels really not OK to have differences not mentioned either on the presentation nor on the specs.

So I’m going to not change my order and cross my fingers for it being incorrect. If it turns out to be correct I think this will be the first time I’ll seriously be angry at Apple. :smiley:

RAM never was mentioned in a iOS device ever? Neither in the presentation nor on the spec page.

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I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned before in other cases - I thought it was mentioned with the iPhones? But it’s OK not mentioning it across types of devices (like the XS and XS Max). I think it’s a bit different not mentioning that there are actual differences within this specific model depending on the Storage you select.

It moves the decision point from being “do I need 1 TB or is 512 GB enough?” to being “am I okay with 4 GB RAM and 512 GB, or do I want to get 6 GB RAM and 1 TB”… which seems like a completely different ball game.

Going to upgrade to the latest iPad Pro just waiting for it to become available in my country. I currently have last year’s 12.9 with 256GB storage with Apple Pencil and Apple leather sleeve.

Reasons I’m upgrading: I no longer use my MacBook Pro that much at home but I still use a MBP at work. So I’m selling my MBP and iPad Pro. I hated it when the old Pencil disconnects and I have to plug it in thru the lightning port and the new Pencil looks like it won’t be as troublesome anymore plus it recharges instantly. Plus FaceID.

The fast charge option was provided by using the 29 Watt charger made for the “MacBook adorable”. :smile:

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I’m tempted to upgrade from my 10.5 iPad Pro with LTE, but the cost I can’t justify at this time. Now, next year I’ll probably pick it from my carrier, as I’m sure they’ll have some out of the blue promotion or I’ll just cave in.

I’m fed up with lugging around the 12.9” v1 (I was given it) when I go to meetings or conferences and getting disbelieving stares as I try and accommodate that behemoth on my lap or the inevitably small surface area allotted to each participant. Try taking screen shots of the presentation with a tea-tray-sized device - you’re in danger of inflicting serious bodily harm on your fellow attendees!

If I can eventually afford the ludicrously inflated EU pricing Apple foists on us, I may consider replacing it with the 11” - in about 6 months time when I’ve saved up enough.

The old 12.9” can be put out to grass as the tabletop streaming TV it mostly serves as, or for creating and editing images, occasionally, if I find I hanker for the extra two inches of screen and I can’t be bothered to get out my 2017 MBP.

Will I be missing out on side-by-side iPad-sized apps in split screen, I wonder? Since because I often find the apps I would need in that mode don’t actually support it, I usually hop over to the Mac anyway, so I somehow doubt it.

Import tax
High shipping costs
Customs duties
European Social Safety Net
Longer retail chain overall

In the EU total prices must includes all taxes and fees. In the US there are tax-free states, and until a recent Supreme Court decision retailers without a presence in a state they ship to were free not to charge that state’s tax.

Also, it depends on the country. There are many items in Switzerland that are significantly higher than across the German border. Prices in Norway are usually much higher for most goods than, say, Serbia. And drug prices in the USA - for reasons of price-gouging and lack of governmental oversight - are much higher than in Europe, where there are price-controls.

In other words, it’s wrong to blame Apple. If the EU didn’t have instituted the social and healthcare programs it has, its taxes would be lower and your product prices would be lower as well.

Some people prefer the tradeoff you have, you know…

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I ordered the 11” with apple pencil and folio keyboard.
Order date was november 4th, and just got the “your order has shipped” email…

But… it won’t be here for another 3-4 days!


The UPS depot is 60 miles from my home.

In 2018 it takes them 3 DAYS to deliver a package…
it will be here on monday. (?)

What is wrong here?