New M1 Macs advice after WWDC

Hello Great minds,

What is your recommendation on getting a new MacBook Pro M1 or a Mac Mini M1 after the WWDC. Is it worth to wait. I’m not able to decide. If anyone are in the same boat what did you do. Would love to hear your decisions.

I have an old 2011 MacBook Pro for now which is still functional.


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My suggestion:
If you can wait for the september announcements and survive the summer with your current Mac I’d say: do it!
If you have a need to change at the moment, why wait? There’s always going to be something new just about to come out.

It’s all a matter of perspective


Yes I can definitely wait till September. :grin:

I would wait. I am very eager to buy a new laptop but I can get by with my iPad Pro in mobility and so I am holding off; I think they will undoubtedly come by the end of the year. It’s possible in September, maybe even a bit before the back to school promos. If you are not in a hurry, I think by December we’ll have the new shiny.

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Wait as long as you can.

Corollary: always have good 3-2-1 backups.


I’m currently running a 2012 Retina MBP, and I’m holding off on replacing it until we see the rumored Apple Silicon 14” MBP. However, this is largely because in my use case I want the ability to drive more than one external display. If that wasn’t a requirement, I’d think seriously about whether one of the existing M1 laptops could meet my needs.


The rule for computers is only buy when and what you need. Or “always put off 'til tomorrow what you don’t need to buy today”.

So if the 2011 MBP does what you need, keep using it. You can also add to it’s useful life by replacing the HDD with an SSD if you haven’t done so already. It’s an easy upgrade, as is maxing out the RAM or replacing an aging battery. None of this is doable with the new Macs.

Thanks. It’s already a SSD. I can wait for a few months and use what I have now. It still is useful a bit slower. But not that it really really bothers me :grin:

If you’re going to wait, I’d get into the mindset of waiting until the end of the year rather than September. There may well be announcements for new Macs in September, but with supply issues going on, I think that setting expectations a little further out will help you to be better prepared to deal with possible disappointment.


Apple must not be too happy if they are forced to wait that long before release because of supply issues. I would think that the sales of the Mac Pro’s and large iMacs are now essentially zero and having that persist until December ain’t great.

Such a situation famously killed Osbourne computer. Of course Apple is big enough and computers are only part of their line so they are not in any danger. But it is not ideal.

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I agree that it’s far from ideal. Apple may take some cold comfort in the fact that this issue is affecting absolutely everyone who relies on semiconductors and is very disruptive to many industries. Unfortunately there is no quick end in sight.

One bit of advice, think about if you really need the Pro. I bought a new M1 Air recently with 16GB and it’s stupid fast, ridiculously so. And it stays cool. I have many windows and tabs open and right now it’s showing 90 degrees. My work provided 15" Intel MacBook Pro is sitting next to it running at 150 degrees.