New Mac not syncing iMessages from iPhone?

Just upgraded my Mac to a new model. Messages aren’t totally syncing my sent and received. Seems to be a delay. Is it a matter of logging off of my previous computer? Any help would be appreciated to help me out.

Here’s the processes to follow through, ensuring you’re not missing any steps… because likely, one setting is not enabled so start from the beginning…

Now let’s start with the iPhone

Next, your Mac…

Finally, if it’s getting SMS messages (non iMessages) to sync from iPhone to Mac, this will ensure you’ve got the settings correct on both ends…

Once you’ve followed through on this, let us know if the issue still persists.

Thanks so much! I was actually able to connect to Apple support and the issue got resolved! All good here!

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What did they do, or tell you to do?

I signed into iCloud, signed back in. I switched off the text message forwarding, switched it back on. Then made sure I had the latest software update, signed out of and into iCloud again and it’s good.

Thank you. I did something recently that disconnected my ability to send SMS from my Mac, or see the SMSes I was sending/receiving on my iPhone, but I was too lazy to do anything about it. I will try what you did when I get the chance.

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