New MacBook Day!

It is new MacBook Pro day!

I have been using a mid 2010 15 inch since it was new. It still works fine for most things, but is painfully slow on others (Large spreadsheets with multi-column sort!)

I stepped down to a 13 inch, and bought from the refurbish store. 3.1GHZ professor, 16 Gig RAM, and 513 Gig SSD. I connect my existing system to a 27 inch external monitor, and will be going for the 5K in a couple of months.

I debated an iMac, but I do need to be portable. And my iPad won’t do what I need at this time. Maybe in a couple of years I will do that.

Now, just watching for the FedEx driver!


So the new Macbook Pro arrived. I had used them a bit (a very small amount of time) in the Apple store, but I am still amazed at how compact it is! Yes, I did go to the thirteen inch compared to my previous 15 inch, but it is truly amazing! I almost find myself thinking that this is a toy in comparison.

The change in speed is also amazing, of course, I should have expected that! It is hard to say if the SSD, faster processor, or double the RAM is doing this. I did make sure that I had 16 GB RAM. I might have gone with 8 if I could add it later, but better to get it now. I used my old one for 8 years, and by specing this one well, I am hoping that it will be viable for some time. I am hoping to go on a more frequent upgrade schedule, but it will be nice knowing that this unit can be sold or handed down to a deserving family member.

Much of my workflow is in my home office, but I felt that the best way to get to know this machine was to hit the road with it, so I did Thursday morning’s work remotely. I was amazed that even with a smaller screen, the clarity of the retina display compared to the old display. At the time that one was new, the display was pretty sweet as well! But what a difference! I am using just a normal HD monitor at home, in 27 inch, but I can see an upgrade is coming there! But even working remotely, this screen is so clear!

Keyboard? I know many have had problems, but that notwithstanding, I will just say that the keyboard is different, not bad. I kind of like it. I am probably most at home with the Logitech keyboard that I use, but I remember taking my 15 inch out to type on it a couple of weeks back, and I didn’t like it as much as I did. I do a lot of writing, and when I chose that computer, the keyboard was a big thing! But I think that this one will be fine. I know that the biggest issue many have reported is debris getting under the keys, so there will be no eating around this one! Probably a good habit anyway!

It amazes me of the size of this compared to the old one, and to my iPad. I still use my iPad a lot, but I am more likely to take this Macbook Pro with me as well. I bought a backpack for this one. I used an Encase 15 inch black case for my other one. I will mothball it and store it in the case. The new Macbook Pro is so small, that it almost gets lost in the backpack! I solved that with a simple sleeve. It seems to fit better. And I have thought of the backpack for some time as an easy way to carry the Macbook, as well as some of the other things that I need to carry.

USB-C? I had read all of the thoughts, and the outright anger from people at this switch. I always laughed at the “Apple just wants to sell more cables” comments. This company does not NEED to sell cables. But I see the frustration. I bought a simple USB hub that allows my Logitech keyboard transmitter to connect to the USB A, and the HDMI for the monitor to connect as well. I connect the USB C cable from the charger to it, and then connect one cable to my Macbook. Everything works. I bought a USB C extension to get the hub away from my computer, and that only works when plugged in one way. Hmmm… fortunately the end that does this is always connected to the hub, not the computer, and it allows me to tuck the hub away. So I have one cable to the computer? Works for me! That might change when I get a new monitor, but I understand some monitors have the additional USB C ports on them? So, maybe not. Still, no problem with USB C. I did buy a couple of dongles and adapters to put in the backpack to have with me when mobile.

Charging? I hated to see the Magsafe go! With my first Macbook Pro, I thought that was an elegant solution! It just snapped on, and a friendly light let you know the status. If someone tripped over your cord, it pulled away from the computer, no harm done! But I am really liking the one cable as well!

I rounded it out with an Anker wall charger, with a USB C charging port and an IQ USB A. This will go in the backpack, and is my mobile solution. I also purchased two additional USB C cables - a 3 foot and 10 foot length. These will be strictly for charging, and should cover most of my needs. I also purchased a couple of USB A to USB C adapters for other USB charging solutions. For example, the coffee shop I am at has a USB A charging port in the electrical outlet by where I am sitting. With the adapter, I just plug the C cable into the wall, no Anker adapter needed.

I was so blown away the first time the computer said to me that it could unlock with my watch. I knew that feature was there in the newer OS and computers, but mine did not support it. I like the touch ID to unlock with, but the watch is beyond simple.

I just wanted to share my impressions. Maybe we become less dazzled by the new hardware, because what we have is so good? Maybe we update too often? When we update so frequently, incremental changes just don’t do it? And yes, I know I was way outside of the upgrade cycle, but it is an expensive purchase as far as laptops go. The Microsoft Surface Laptop looked nice to me, with its seperateable screen. But to equip that well was almost at the price of my Macbook. And then, you still have Windows! I am using Windows on my New Macbook Pro with parallels, but only to run Excel. And I may not bother after my trial of parallels is over. But there is so much that brings me back to my Mac.

One thing I do miss? The light-up Apple on the back of the screen!


Good luck with your new MacBook. I enjoyed reading your review a lot.

I have a 2017 MBP – this is indeed a cool feature. There’s really no must-do reason for it (except perhaps accessibility) but just the fact that someone at Apple thought it would be a good idea and sponsored the design, build and test to make it possible is an indication of Apple’s attention to detail and cross-device integration.

Thanks for this. I’m scoping out what my new machine should be. I have a 2011 MBA that I have loved to pieces. It’s still working just fine… but Mojave… so…

I assumed I’d get a MBA but not the new one. Bought one on ebay, spent a day setting it up and discovered that it wasn’t charging. Am in the process of returning it. But while I was setting up the MBA realized I had no excitement about a new machine. Am now seriously considering switching to MB Pro and came here to ask questions. Your review convinces me that I should make the switch.

I would make the switch @ [Annamarie] . I really have enjoyed setting this up, enjoying all of the new features. LOVE the retina display! I do make my living full time with this machine now, and use an external monitor. I just have an HD monitor, but after looking at this retina screen, I think that there will at least be a 4K monitor in the future.

Maybe I just love it because my upgrade cycle was so long? I don’t know.

And the keyboard is not bad… just different. As long as it stays working…