New MacBook for work! Note taking and Omnifocus

Hi all,

I have just been given a MacBook Pro (taskbar edition) at work (woo!).

I have been using my iPad Pro to take typed notes in Drafts that I then send actions to Omnifocus at the end of a meeting.

I’d really like to use my MacBook for a similar purpose, as I often end up away from my desk for extended periods so having my MacBook with corporate network access, etc. is really useful.

Question: Can I integrate a note taking app with Omnifocus on a MacBook? Drafts doesn’t have actions so that doesn’t work. Any other apps that integrate better on a MacBook?

I want to have the actions saved within the meeting note, as well as being migrated to Omnifocus.

Any help appreciated. If I’m thinking about this the wrong way and you have a workflow that works, then please share! I’ve not had a work MacBook before so there is probably tons of functionality that I’m not even considering here.


Just get the Drafts beta. Actions are working just fine in my usage.

In addition to the Drafts beta:

Have you looked at Agenda?
It integrates notes, calendar events and reminders very nicely.

Another thought is TaskPaper, which can be pasted into OmniFocus directly. There is also an iOS app.

Finally, there is orgmode, which was born in the EMACS editor, and looks intriguing (I even bought the book). It has an iOS app called beorg.