New MagSafe charger

Anyone else getting a weird sensation from their new MagSafe charger?? Presumably it’s the magnetic field but I just want to make sure I’m not the only one!

Yes, I do. I also get it when plugging in my iPad mini but after I read reversing the charger might help, that stopped. You cant do so with MagSafe.

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My MagSafe is still giving off a strange sensation. Is no one else feeling this when holding the charger or am I just being OTT?

Apple’s response to me was this “may” be normal and to go back to my phone provider who I bought it from.

Before I waste any time can you let me know if I am just being OTT and you all feel it if you hold your phone whilst charging!?

Depends on what you feel. It is very common to feel some weird vibration from a device connected to a non-grounded outlet, almost electric in nature; that happens with laptops too. Check the charger with a grounded outlet - if the sensation is not there, it’s your wiring that’s at fault.

Thats great, thank you. It must be

So thank you.

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