New markdown editor: MWeb

I downloaded the eval version and took a quick peek. It looks very iaWriter-like. It’s designed to be both a markdown editor and blog publisher, with support for Wordpress, Metaweblog API,, Evernote, Blogger, Medium, and Tumblr. That last one gets my notice-I’m on Tumblr for linkblogging and other ephemera.

It seems to also support images, and some esoteric syntaxes like mermaid, viz, echarts, plantuml, sequence, flow that I’ve heard of but don’t use.


I’ve used MWeb off and on. This is a silly annoyance, but it out of the blue appoints itself as the preferred editor for common file types (.txt, .md) and reconfigures the preferred editor settings in the file system. If I undo that setting with Finder, the next time I open MWeb it does it again.