New MBP - two weeks on

Well, almost two weeks anyway. Here’s a list of likes/dislikes I have with my new 2018 MBP 13" TB after 12 days of work and personal usage:


  • Excellent battery life, compared with what I was used to previously at least. Arrived at work an hour ago and it was on 41%, it’s now on 97% having been plugged into a Dell docking station with a USB-C connector, which also provides plenty of USB 3 connections and DVI out to a 24" monitor - means I can leave the MBP charger at home. I could probably unplug it now and still have plenty of charge left in 8 hours when I leave for the day
  • Lightweight
  • Great screen
  • Great performance (16GB RAM helps)
  • Touch Bar, which I am really liking, Touch ID and Apple Watch unlock


  • Still trying to get used to the keyboard - more specifically, the reduced key travel. Typing quickly is not a problem, it’s more the feel of the keyboard and if you’re not concentrating it’s very easy to find you’re typing on the wrong keys and having to go back and edit
  • Having to carry it around with a kung-fu grip for fear of dropping it
  • To be honest, I can’t really think of anything else

The true problems of the new MBP are following: keyboard prone to failure with a fairly expensive repair (my colleague had to repair it twice in a year because of jamming keys) and lack of magsafe. I can’t count times where I would pull the cable of my MacBook with my foot. Gone are days where I would say afterwards: “haha, glad I have a MB, could end badly otherwise”. As a result: MBPs moved a big portion to being a shiny hipster toy instead of pretty reliable workhorses. I have a company MBP and will order a new one end of next year - most likely an MBP with 32 gb ram and i7. I have to admit, I do not anticipate it at all.

My wife and I have 2016 MBP’s never one problem with the keyboard. Touchbar is awesome if the app developer implements it right. I do miss Magsafe connection is about my only gripe about the laptop.

Re Magsafe - curious if anyone uses/can recommend some of the 3rd party magsafe ‘thingymabobs’ that supposedly offer the same functionality? As in, fixture into port < magnet > power/cable?

@BradG I have bought one on kickstarter, what a bunch of cr*p. Don’t bother with those and just be careful with your wires.

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Given that it will charge from 20% to 100% in less than a couple of hours and then run for 8-10 hours on battery, it’s been over a week since I’ve plugged it in at home. At work, I have it connected to a USB-C - for using an external monitor - except when I am carrying it about or in meetings.

Losing the Magsafe, IMO, is not really an issue I don’t think.

Take no offense, but I often think that such remarks are from users, who do not need the “Pro” part of the macbook. There is no magic there, and while I can perfectly stare at the text editor for 8 hours of battery life, every trip to JIdea IDE or chrome debugger will shorten available battery life to mere hour(s). So either I play the charge cable-DJ, or I will simply plug it in and forget about it. Losing Magsafe is an issue for all users with CPU-heavy tasks. And on a macbook pro I expect apple to think about such users.

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None taken. While a large part of my day consists of staring at Office documents I also spend quite a bit of time running several virtual machines concurrently for a lab environment, Windows 10 via Bootcamp or in a VM for scripting/coding and also for Lightroom/Photoshop.

İ see where you are coming from though.