New mindmap champion?

Have anyone of you awesome people tried Imindmap?

There seems to be some cool features but is the price of 100 $ justified? When their competitor’s products cost around 30$?

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iMindMap has been around for quite a while. It’s now on version 11, which I own. (I’m a mind mapping software collector, which doesn’t qualify me for anything except a diminished bank account.) I like iMindMap because it is multiplatform (macOS, Windows, iOS, web), integrates well with the company’s companion product DropTask, and is pleasant to use.

Only caution is, the new releases of macOS versions always seem to launch with serious bugs and it takes the company a long time to squash them. Though good enough on macOS, I’ve always found the product is most reliable on Windows. (The current macOS version as of today will hang or crash when a particular sequence of selecting templates for new maps is used.)

The developer company is associated with Tony Buzan who sometimes claims to have invented mind mapping – which is sort of like claiming to have invented note taking. He writes rambling books about mind mapping, and runs very expensive seminars.

DropTask is a very good product by the way. Stands on its own merits.

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As a collector, would imindmap be your choice, or would you recommend something else?

For general purpose work, on macOS I prefer iThoughtsX (also cross-platform with iOS and Windows) mainly because of the iOS app. The macOS app is ugly but serviceable. On Windows I prefer Corel’s MindManager because it integrates well with Office 365.

For making nicely drawn maps, I prefer iMindMap.

For note taking using mind mapping techniques I prefer MindNode.


Anyone have any experience with WriteMapper? I’ve used Mindnode in the past, but I’ve been looking to see what the other options are.

I’ve tried a number of mind mapping apps over the years and, while I will now use iThoughts and iThoughtsX to develop structure, I find my mapping-it-all-out tool of choice is Scrivener’s companion app Scapple. So simple, so powerful – nothing else comes close for visual plotting, in my book.

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“Invented” might be a strong word, but Tony Buzan certainly did a lot (and early) to spread awareness of MindMapping. I read one of his books in the early 1980’ies and has been using the technique ever since. Currently preferring Mind Node, mainly on iOS.

At $100 it would certainly be pricy. I have found iThoughtsX to be as full-featured as I need and it is much less expensive.

No I have not tried the app. Mindnode is excellent for my purposes — a brainstorm arranger and thought stimulator.

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Some people like it, some find the current version buggy on Mac:

Never tried it myself, and the high pricing (which has been consistent for the 12+ years or so the product has been out on Mac) has kept me away.

I own Scapple (don’t really use it, got it as part of a bundle) as as well asMac/iOS versions of MindNode and iThoughts X. I prefer the look of the output from iThoughts but MindNode is simpler and faster to use when getting ideas out, so that’s what I gravitate towards. That said, I still prefer using an outliner.

100$ for a buggy app is expensive! I am happy with iThoughts, which isn‘t cheap either, but feature-rich. I also really like Scapple. If it had an iOS companion I would probably use the latter exclusively. (There were rumours they would make one)

@anon41602260 is correct. Mindmanger smokes all the Mindmapping software. It appears that Corel purchased a German Company that developed this software. It is a catch-all application with the ability to Project Manage complete with WBS, Resource Management, Costing, and Gantt Charting. The Mac version is feature limited compared to the Windows version but upgrades are bringing the feature set closer together.

I have been researching many of the Mind Mapping software out there and most feature sets are the same. iMIND is discontinued and it was bought out and being replaced with Ayoa. iMind version 11 still works and like @anon41602260 states, it makes the most beautiful maps. Ayoa is still working on getting all the types of maps ported over to Ayoa.

I like these companies that provide a transparent look at their roadmap and Ayoa is one of them
Ayoa Roadmap

Bigger plate is a great site for tutorials on the various platforms with a lot of templates


IQ Matrix contains a huge resource of Mind Maps

Lastly, Miro is the best collaborative Whiteboard/Mindmapping software and works well with Notion as you can now get an active link between them

Clicking on this links over to the Miro site

With Miro you can publish a board as a public website like this one which is a concept map of using some creative content software that links training videos from Tom Solid of Paperless movement. The video can be play within the Miro board or a link back to the source in this case YouTube.

Miro Weblink

Below is the tabulation of the deep dive that I did researching Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping software tools.

Mindmanager is on there twice as there are separate versions for Windows and Mac.

Still in the process of distilling down mindmapping software


More comprehensive than MindManager is Concept Draw Office, which integrates a pretty good (not top of the line) mind mapping solution with project planning and other software. Rather expensive.

My favorite solution for structured thinking and logic is Flying Logic. It is a wonderful tool. Rather expensive. Version 4 is in the works and might be a significantly new approach.

Ayoa is great, but I’ve never been able to really get on board with it as a planning and tracking suite. It seems to be overkill.