New office desk

Working on my new office desk. Trying to keep it simple.


That’s a beautiful desk. (I’m assuming it is solidly attached – not just with blue painter’s tape… :grinning:)

I would be needing more outlets however

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I think 3M would have a new marketing strategy if it was. :joy::joy:

There are multiple brackets underneath. Hidden, minimal, but solid.

I have an indesk power strip coming and space in the corner for a cord hole, for lack of a better term :joy:, with a shelf that will be attached below it. I’m hoping that will give me all the space I need.

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Nice desk but that view of the mountains out the window is stunning.


I was thinking the same thing. What a view. I’d be super motivated to spend time at my desk.


If I had that view I’d never get another thing done.


Looks like a distractingly lovely environment. My only observation about your desk (if it is a desk and not a shelf) is that it looks low and very narrow in the picture. I can’t work out how you’ll not be right on top of your monitor.

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It’s about 22 inches deep. I don’t think it will be too bad.

My desk is 22-inches deep, and I only use a MacBook Air with NO external monitor. However, the full distance from the front edge of the desk to the wall is 34-inches, which gives me lots of room for cables and gear.


Also, you could buy yourself some more distance between you and the monitor, if desired, by hanging a keyboard tray under the front edge of the shelf (er … I mean desk!) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m hoping to fit everything underneath my desk and keep in minimal on top. :pray: :pray:

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I was thinking about that.

Do you the list of materials for building that. Especially what kind of brackets you have underneath. I think I will do similar to my apt.

Saying this with a smile: Being a grandmother I would be remiss to say that you really need more space between the screen and your eyes; in all respect and knowing that you are an adult!

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[quote=“sangadi, post:14, topic:32610”]
Do you the list of materials for building that.

It’s just 2x4s from Lowe’s glued together with Gorilla Construction Adhesive. Sanded and stained with fill puddy in between the 2x4s.

The brackets at the bottom are similar to this…

Along with these.

Here is the underside. It’s not as pretty.

It will hold a good amount of weight this way. We are putting in flooring and I had to move everything off the floor.


You’re definitely right. I yell at my kids all the time not to sit to close to the TV or their iPads.

Thank Ben. Fantastic. Looking forward to build mine.

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Nice! I was wanting to do something similar on the wall since I mostly stand anyways and rarely lower my electric autonomous desk, but I also hated the idea of selling it, so decided to replace the 53x29 top with the smallest top the legs can hold at 45x24.

I am taking the 53x29 top and using similar mounts but the folding type to make the old top my kitchen table. I live in dc and don’t have much room so making things smaller and multipurpose. Like I’m using my tonal bench as my ottoman and as the seating for the kitchen table. I’ll follow your minimal setup for inspiration!

I’m surprised you put the monitor in front of the window, but to each their own, I’ve always tried to not do that but could just be me.

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Nothing is set in stone just yet. That placement was just an idea. I like being able to look out my window while I’m at computer and couldn’t do that when it was in the corner.

It is usually advised against putting the screen in front of the window, but depending on the light circumstances it can work.

It is also advised that you look often outside through a window to relax your eyes.
So it might be a good choice :slight_smile: