New OS updates out today for most/all platforms

Earlier today I received notification from Home that an update was out for my HomePods. Over lunch, checked for updates on my other devices and finished updating macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and HomePod OS on most of my devices.

New updates support podcast subscriptions and family Apple Card among others.


macOS 11.4 update was 50 minutes from download to completion.

After the update, MDS cranked up for a few hours (with fans blowing) and apparently reindexed Spotlight. A number of permissions for apps to access Documents, etc., disappeared and I had a number or requests to grant permissions. As usual, Howard Oakley tracks all the under-the-covers changes that make these updates more extensive then the terse Apple release notes indicate.

My Homepod is set to automatically install updates. Hmmmmm

The iPadOS update was surprisingly quick; something like 1-2 minutes to install and finish restarting.

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I also noticed my AirPods Pro got new firmware. Not sure if it was released this week or earlier but the version changed between me checking earlier yesterday when they had not been used for a week or so and shortly after connecting them to my iPhone. They are now at 3E751.