New Outlook for Mac / no messages, no calendar entries

I use “old Outlook” on the Mac. When I switch to “new Outlook”, the mailbox and calendar remain empty. Outgoing emails are not sent. I have done a sync, I have restarted Outlook, I have logged out of O365 and logged back in. I have the impression that new Outlook does not connect to Exchange.

Does anyone have an idea how I can solve the problem? Thank you very much for any advice.

I tried it briefly, but switched back as I hate it.

Having said that, I no longer use Exchange so IDK if it is supposed to support Exchange directly, but if your Exchange server has enabled IMAP, you should be able to configure Outlook to connect to an IMAP based email account using manual setup.

Keep in mind that with IMAP and other email servers, you’ll probably need to use an application-specific password and not your regular password.

At least when I was testing using Fastmail IMAP account, that was the initial problem.

Also, with the new Outlook, there is an option to NOT use Microsoft cloud servers. Big warning you lose all the fancy new features they are pushing, but with an IMAP connection you should be able to get it work and at least be on the newer UI style of Outlook.

Not sure I have any remedy for you, but I have two client accounts in (new) Outlook both connecting to exchange.

It’s good to know that it works.

I have no emotional attachment to Outlook. Starting up Outlook is like taking out the rubbish bag: it’s part of the daily routine. Exchange is a given and I have to live with that. I think I’ll uninstall Outlook and just use Mac’s on-board tools: Mail and Calendar.

It works for me too. I’ve switched back and forth between Old and New Outlook several times. The first time I switched it took a while to sync/refresh.

I actually quite like the new outlook. It still supports all the same keyboard shortcuts as the old and web one, and is a cleaner interface than the old one.

It lacks scripting support so I have a challenge in using any form of automation to extract a link to a specific Message. If anyone knows how to fix that, I’d be very grateful.

We use O365 here but I assume Exchange is lurking somewhere in the background.

One speculative thought about your issue … were you originally using ‘old Outlook’? Mine came configured as ‘New’ so my first switch was a regression to Old. Can’t think of anything else right now.

Best of luck in getting it sorted.

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The new Outlook is the weirdest thing.

There are so many bugs that I have given up on it. And Microsoft does not seem to bother about it. I had been using the old version as my primary email client for years. Since its days seem to be numbered in the not too distant future, I have decided to give Mozilla Thunderbird a try and I have to say that I am quite impressed. I should’ve done that a long time ago. I really do not know why I did not try it before, but I am quite pleased with it now.

It is mind-boggling to me what Microsoft is thinking about releasing the new Outlook on the Mac. At least for me it is unusable. Outlook on the Mac always has been sub par in comparison to the Windows version. The new Outlook for Mac is not only sub par, it is incredible, but not in a good way.

I’m the outlier I think! I’ve been using new outlook for many months now and overall I like it. Other than some features that are missing (managing group mailing lists - need to do that via our web portal) it works well for me. Caveat: it is also missing a lot of features that I just don’t happen to use, so it doesn’t bother me that they’re missing.


I don’t remember the source, but I heard a rumor that Microsoft will be abandoning the Outlook app altogether. The idea being, everyone should use the web version of Outlook.

That would be real disaster. No offline email client? If that is true it beggars belief and may lose them a whole load of users.

I read this, too, and I think it was on a Microsoft web site.

The web version of Outlook has come a long, long way since its inception. On the odd occasion when my Outlook for Windows at work packs a sad, I can get by with the web version.

I do wish they’d get their strategy together though. They only just launched the brand new Outlook for Mac and then they’re going to take it away again. They have also split the OneNote product line in confusing ways, saying they were going to unify them years ago but still haven’t got there.

I stand by my assertion that Microsoft is a decent ideas company (post-Ballmer) but their execution is terrible. One only needs to look at the rich text editing experience between Outlook, OneNote, Word, SharePoint, Azure DevOps, and Teams — they are ALL unique!

Last time I checked Microsoft managed to bundle the old native client a new Electron based one in the same package. It’s the only Mac app I know that behaves like that. So much for mac-assedness, I guess.

I am not really sure about that. It’s only that they are not executing upon user experience but on enterprise customers.

You could be right about the UX angle. But bad UX is, I think, the result of sloppy execution. Case in point would be the “modern” SharePoint wiki feature. A colleague and I tried it out as a possible solution to a requirement we had. We were reduced to trying to answer the question “Is it possible to edit the text without changing how it looks?” The answer was a resounding no! All I wanted to achieve was standard text styling — such as Word has been doing brilliantly for decades — and it was actually impossible. Literally just adding a single character to a line would change the way it was formatted.

Edit: And SharePoint is enterprise software.

I believe that the best definition of enterprise software is software that is paid by procurement organisations but is suffered by its users. Sharepoint clearly fits the bill here.


Microsoft isn’t getting rid of the desktop app. They’re creating one web-technology-based codebase (“Monarch”) that works in the desktop app and in the browser. That would have offline capabilities everywhere, rather than getting rid of offline capabilities.

In fact, we are discussing that version right now in this thread—I believe Monarch was in pre-release a month ago so it’s probably the newly released version. I don’t have a copy of Outlook handy to check.

Whether it’s a good thing is hard to say. They seem to be doing this to prioritize rollout of the intelligent features that were only in the web version last I used 365. I obviously would prefer a full-fledged Mac app, but I never had high expectations of Microsoft in this area to be dashed.

This makes sense. Thank you for the clarification.

I’ve found SharePoint to work, if you can stick with the “modern” tools. The deeper & older you go, the more legacy, confusing, and ugly it gets. I mean, why are Pages and the Wiki tool two entirely separate things?

I still prefer Microsoft to the point I moved from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Basic.

I’ve not tried Google other than for very basic personal stuff, so can’t compare. But I still find SharePoint to be fiddly at every turn. The Pages interface works like an engineering course, but the wiki is basically impossible if you care about presentation at all. I just remembered a really good example to illustrate my “sloppy execution” criticism. We make some use of the Lists feature, which is really great — I’ve never come across anything quite as useful elsewhere. We keep a callout log in one, a list of key links in another. The callout list includes a big text field to describe the issue and resolution, along with some basic data (day, time, incident number). I tried switching to the ‘new’ style and the darned thing gives as much space to the date as it does to the giant blob of text which makes it completely unusable as every list item is super tall and there’s nothing we can do to influence that. So we have to keep that list in the old style. It looks dated, but it’s readable.