New Outlook for Mac

There is now an option on Outlook for Mac to try the new version. I’m not a fan. At all.

  • no ability to reply to an email in a pop out window automatically - it baffles me how people can reply in the same window and not lose track of their email replies
  • for me at least, it keeps losing drafts

Am I being old and resistant to change?

Curious how did you get thew new version? I downloaded Outlook from the App Store and I am still on the old version.

I use Spark and online Gmail fwiw. I just wanted to try the new version of Outlook.

I think you need to change your setting inMicrosoft AutoUpdater to be on one of the Insider rings because the new Outlook is still in testing.

My guess would be to go to Help > Check For Updates and then click the Advanced button in the update thingie. It has options for “Insider” updates.

@ChrisEdwards I’m with you. I haven’t tried this new version yet, but I really don’t prefer to reply inside the Reading Pane. I prefer to pop out a new window.

For me, the best thing about the new outlook is that the search is much better. I still have to switch back to old Outlook a lot because of features in Calendar and Contacts that have not made there way into the new one yet.

I like it a lot. Definitely fits the Big Sur aesthetic in my opinion.

Oh got it. It’s still in testing.

I believe it does not currently support AppleScript. At least that was the status the last time I checked. — jay

Does it still have the problem with not showing your own “Sent” emails in conversations — i.e., not doing it the way Outlook for Windows has done forever — as noted in this ridiculously old thread from the MS “User Voice” forums for Outlook?

Yes it does!

When I enabled the new outlook all my Applescripts involving it stopped working. I can no longer use AppleScript to send email to Omnifocus or fantastical. Both, seem to fail and give a “no message selected” error.

I checked the dictionary too and saw that there are still entries but, as I noted above, my existing Applescripts broke when I installed the new version. I hope it is fixed with updates. I have not had time to dig into the scripts to see what is going on except to say that they both cannot “see” the selected message.

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I am seeing the same behavior. Breaks all of my Inbox Zero automation.

At least I know I am not the only one. I hope this is just a newness issue and it will return in an update. I still have a switch at the top right corner of the main window that I can use to revert to the old version if necessary. For now, I am just using my Omnifocus email address and am manually copying bodies of emails into calendar events.

I wish Outlook would support universal message ID’s. I work between two Macs, and the AppleScript I’m using will grab an Outlook message link, but it will only work on that Mac.

I’ve switched to the web version, and my workaround is to create a task using the context menu, which puts a task into the Microsoft ToDo web app. There’s an “Open in Outlook” link there, which I can copy into Things. That works cross platform so long as you don’t move the message into a new folder (so I move the message before creating the task).

(I switched away from the Mail app when my firm’s case management system released an Outlook plugin)

I opened the new version and found that it would support my personal gmail accounts but would not support my Microsoft enterprise account I have for my consulting practice. It may be an Outlook for the Mac issue but I will use the old version so I can run both my primary gmail and the enterprise address until both accounts are supported.

The new version also doesn’t currently support iCloud accounts.