"New" Safari on iPhone

Was alarmed by the move of the search/URL movie to the bottom of the screen. Was SO glad to hear on the show that we could move it back.

Oddly, knowing I could “fix” it made me ok with leaving it alone.

What I’m not ok with is that when I go to open a new tab it shows a count of how many tabs I already have open.

No need to call me out like that Apple!!


Swipe the address bar on the bottom and you move between tabs. I love this.

And pull down to refresh the page.


I really like the address bar at the bottom. It makes it so much easier with one-handed use. It took a week to get really used to it, but now I wouldn’t want to go back.

After all the talk, I really like iOS 15’s Safari. It can use some work on the Mac, of course…


I also prefer the new design. And if you long press a tab you get this menu: