New Small Business - Email Provider Suggestions?

  • 1 for Fastmail for email and calendars, and I use a basic Office 365 account for Word/Excel etc and sharing via OneDrive.
    Fastmail provide a superb IMAP standards-compliant email service with plenty of flexibility on aliases etc as mentioned above - performance is consistently excellent.

I do for my business and I absolutely love it. The best customer service I’ve received from a domain provider. The email set up is easy and reliable. I recommend it to everyone.

If security is something you are concerned about, have a look at Proton Mail. End to end encryption and now the ability to have your own domain address.

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I gotta say, as good as that service may be (I don’t know since I haven’t used it) that is a crap logo for a professional piece of software.

Also, for all the people who are hype about Fastmail, can anyone attest to how good the spam filter is? That’s currently the only thing preventing me from switching to it from Gsuite.

excellent, and very easy to add custom rules to bypass when needed

You can also disable these email alias accounts if they get too spammy, then re-enable them later.

I went for my local web & email provider (which is quite big already). Secure enough, fast and you can even call them, with real people answering… I have all my email rules on the server (done via a web interface), so if I’m checking my mail on other devices, they are already filtered :slight_smile:

I use office 365 with azure digital rights management for email encryption. This came in handy when I was buying my house, filing my taxes, etc

Does fastmail let you encrypt emails?

+1 for Gsuite. Rock solid. Use it for all my businesses.

I use Protonmail for secure communication but Fastmail for the rest. I have used G Suite and Hover in the past. As mentioned above, the standardization issue with Google can pose problems, and sharing all of my work data with the borg left me anxious.

Hover’s service was ok, but the spam filtering is awful, and there’s a huge security flaw: if your email is hosted by your domain host, if one is compromised, the other is as well. So Hover hosts most of my domains, but Fastmail handles mail/calendar/contacts.

Why Fastmail?

  • Standard IMAP works with everything.
  • Good spam filtering, and “teaching” it works well.
  • Data encrypted at rest on their servers
  • Per device/app passwords. If I lose my phone, I can disable access for that device only. If I try out a new email service, a new password can be used for only that app. Once I’m done with it, I can remove access entirely to that app.
  • “Admin accounts” vs user accounts: I have a Fastmail Email account that I don’t give out. It serves as my admin account. My email accounts are all set up as users of that, so even if one of them was individually breach, they would have no admin privileges. It costs an extra $5/month.
  • 2FA for web login.

It’s the best compromise between security and convenience for me.


+1 for Office 365. It’s really simple to setup, and work with.

I’ve used both GSuite and Office 365 for work, and I’ve been a longtime Fastmail user as well.

For work, I’d choose GSuite if I had a small office with only a few employees. It’s great, works well, but it’s not as strong for collaboration as Office 365 is in my experience. As our staff grew I found that Office 365 was much better at letting us collaborate with each other inside the company - and with others outside as well. (Most everyone has access to Microsoft’s tools in business settings.)