New touch screen 13” MBP

Did anyone else get a new touch screen 13 in MBP? :joy::joy::joy:

I was paying around with sidecar on my 12.9 iPad and realized just how much better the screen is than my M1 MBP and got to thinking what the draw backs would be of just using it in sidecar mode all the time. I can’t unsee the difference now and it’s really bothering me. I’ll probably just end up buying a 14” Max.


Clever, but what’s up with your keyboard?

Yes, I’ve long maintained that 13.3" laptops are too small on the vertical front. The iPad 12.9 is a step up, better still with the Magic Keyboard that floats it higher.
If you want some photos comparing screen height of the 12.9" iPad Pro with 14.2" MacBook Pro, see this post.

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It’s just a rubber keyboard protector with basic shortcuts printed on it.

I love this. Now go one step further and duct-tape a mechanical keyboard across the case…

And yes, that iPad screen is excellent. I’m hoping the next Air is going to get the mini-LED approach and approach the iPad+keyboard weight.

We have an incredible variety of incredibly advanced devices from which to choose and people still aren’t happy. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not unhappy, but I think on the lightweight non-pro laptop front we had a choice of 13.3” or 13.3” or 13.3” since the little 12” MacBook was retired. I personally have been preferring the iPad over that for many reasons, including the vertical screen height. Windows users have 15” and 16” lightweight laptops to choose from.
It sounds like Apple is finally going to decouple larger screen size from pro performance if the rumors of a 15” MacBook Air are to be believed. I’ll be order #1 when that happens. Meanwhile, I’m not unhappy - these aren’t things to be unhappy about!

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