New Version of SweetSetup Ulysses Course

Shawn of SweetSetup wrote about his Ulysses Course

Yes we are beginning work on a whole new update to the course, and it will be a few months before it’s finished up and ready to go.

Anything in particular you’d love to see as part of the update?

Got his permission to post this.

Any suggestions??

I’m think about being able to color code tags as a feature I appreciate. But adding this to the course feels obvious to me…

Got feedback on the course if you have used it?

Have you been through the existing course? I’ve been using Ulysses daily for a couple years now and can’t imagine that there’s really enough to make a course unless a lot is really rudimentary… but I haven’t heard any actual reports on the content.

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Yes, I did the course when it first came out. It’s an introduction to Ulysses.

I’ve been using Ulysses before they switched to subscription or this course was offered. Don’t know you or how you use Ulysses… They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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The best part of the sweet setup courses is the inclusion of how different people are using the app.

Usually I could use more of that.

Also seeing how it fits together in a larger ecosystem would be extremely helpful. Last time around, there was a lot of “I keep notes somewhere else.”

Well…where? Why? How does that then come together with Ulysses?

I know how to use it. But I am always struggling to fit together a larger constellation of apps to work together.

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