NextDNS - proof that it's working

I’m running Brave browser with uBlock Origin (I know, maybe a little redundant) and get the exact same result. We need to find and destroy that!

Actually, same result with Safari/uBlock.

Side question.

For those that install NextDNS on their routers, what do you do when you are not on your router?

That seems a little strange to me. (I’m not questioning you.)

It then seems to make little sense to set up NextDNS without getting an account. Again, I will have time to set up an account, test it on my iPad, and presumably also set it up on my iPhone and laptop.

I also scored 139 out of 140 in Safari on my Mac (using NextDNS & AdGuard for Safari).

I only had to deny in NextDNS to increase my score to 140.

I have set up NextDNS on my router, but also installed the iOS App on my iPhone and iPad (with NextDNS in the App disabled on my home Wi-Fi network).

I haven’t configured NextDNS on “my” Mac, which is company managed Mac, where it most likely would interfere with what IT installs.

I didn’t even realize they had an app. What a learning process. (This forum rules.)

I had a basketball game on so I decided to do something productive so I set up a NextDNS account and set it up on my iPad.

Because I’m a non-thinking novice, I just turned on everything I could. Well, that was not really the smart play but the log file helps a lot. Oddly enough, something stopped me from loading this site. Turns out it was 1Hosts.

I’m going to reinstall 1Blocker and then check out the Adblock test sites posted above. I used Adguard awhile back but I felt it wasn’t working well so I switched. A lot of people seem to like Wipr and it’s cheap.

On my iPad, I use Safari except for YouTube where I use Brave. My iPhone is only Safari. My laptop is mainly Safari but will also use Brave for YouTube.

I used the AdBlock Pro for a long time (the one that the developer is crypto something). hoped it didnt do anything suspicious but also didnt think about it. paid for one year subscription twice. For some reason, it stopped syncing between my devices via iCloud. tried all I knew and their email back was not helpful. started researching. had never used any kind of DNS filter but having taught a Sunday school lesson at church on protecting kids and yourself online, I remember there were some dns filter things in my memory…

found the nextdns site, paid for a month, tinkered with it, and love it. instead of installing extensions from the App Store it is a (to me) more simple install the profile. I have it on two Macs, two iPads, my phone, two Apple TVs. I also have it at home on my router so that everything else in the house goes through it.

I went through the block lists, with no science behind it, and just started picking block lists based on their update date. if they had been updated in the last month I added them. if they hadn’t changed in a long time I skipped them. I figured if a list is updated then someone is trying to keep it fresh.

ever so often I get a blocked site (9/10 it is clicking on an email and instead of getting a item I get some referral link). the biggest culprit was the NCAA march madness app last week. that took some checking the log and manually adding them. but overall I like the though.

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That’s an interesting tact about selecting which block lists to add based on update date. As I mentioned above, that did stop things (including this site from rendering) but the logs helped me figure it out fairly quickly.

One thing I found is that you can block sites. I actually use a focus type app to block sites which stops me from procrastinating by going to mindless sites. The problem is that I can easily overrule the app.

I’m now blocking a few sites in NextDNS as overriding that way is not as easy.

This is kinda turning into a journal here but hopefully it’s helpful to others that are considering NextDNS.

I happened to do a YT search for NextDNS and came across this video. First and foremost, I have never heard of Techlore so I can’t vouch for them but I thought this video was very helpful as it answered a question I had before regarding blocklists. It specifically addresses my lack of knowledge about what blocklists to add or not add.