Nice DEVONthink Update

DT just released a nice update.

DEVONtechnologies updates to version 3.7. WYSIWYG editing for Markdown including support for Roam, Obsidian, and iA Writer syntax, file transclusion, and searchable MultiMarkdown metadata make Markdown more comfortable and capable in DEVONthink. The update also brings new keyboard shortcuts, improved WikiLinks support, new AppleScript commands.

and more …


Now that is seriously amazing and might lead me to… arghhh… once again reevaluate my workflow.

Exciting times for notes apps !


Have just tried it. The markdown doesn’t render correctly in the window, while the preview does.

On DevonThink to Go, I can’t even get markdown files to open.

I’ve been using DT for nearly a decade now, and really have had a bellyful of their half-a**ed promises. Going all in on Obsidian.

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I don’t use DT for note taking, I use it for research storage, organization, search, OCR and file conversion. I use Craft for work meetings and projects and I use Obsidian for PKM (ideas and concepts that end up in writing projects). I index and backup all of it in DT. This is working well for me.

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I ran to my iMac to update DT and I’m kind of disappointed by the promise. Yes, there’s some previewing in source mode, but you still have to dance with the preview to get the full render of transclusions. Obsidian’s aliases are not interpreted correctly by DT (despite promising compatibility).

Don’t get me wrong: it’s a nice update and it will make people who use Obs and DT side by side extremely happy. It sure improves compatibility and I hope we get to see more steps in that direction. But it’s still very, very far from being able to replace Obsidian or Craft, much to my dismay. (I sort of was hoping for this – I should not have, I know, but DT is so not nice to write in.)

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I agree 100%. This is why I’ve decided to use Craft and Obsidian for specific writing needs and DT for all the reasons I listed above. In truth, it may not be fair to expect a research oriented database to be a good writing editor or environment. :slight_smile:


I would say this update is more important in that shows the DT team’s willingness to make big changes faster and to listen to the community. After what felt like glacial slowness out of them the last decade, in the last 6-12 months, they have been KILLING IT with quality new versions and then UPDATING those versions with useful new features. For a company of its…venerableness and an app as mature as DT, I think this is super exciting and bodes very well for continued development!


Agreed, and I don’t think DT3 will ever be mistaken for a “writing app.” That said, I use DT3 and Obsidian side-by-side daily. It’s really easy and convenient given Obsidian’s design.


In case that wasn’t entirely clear, far from me the idea to think less of DT: that’s an app I really love and a central piece of my workflow :slightly_smiling_face: (which is why I would love to use only it, as much as I can!)

Hey if it makes you feel better, I’ve started to think more and more that there is no need to be app-monogamous! In fact, I like variety. :wink: