Nice, scriptable, timer app (RH Timer)

I know that my MPU friends love little software tools that are just right for the job, so when I stumbled onto RH Timer this weekend I wanted to share it with you.

I was trying to set up a Stream Deck button with a fixed timer, (3m to time my tea steeping. If I don’t set a timer I forget about it EVERY TIME.)

I tried using shortcuts, but had trouble getting it to sound an alarm or create an alert on the mac.

For kicks I looked at the App Store and found Red Hot Timer

The best part is I can address it with a URL scheme or with Applescript so it was super easy to create timers of arbitrary lengths (passed as a parameter) and it announces the name of the timer (for me “Tea is done!”) when the timer expires.

Lots of options for this; create a shortcut to open up social media sites and set a timer telling me to GET OFF of them, set timers to complete tasks, etc.

It scratched an itch for me so I thought I’d pass it along.