No sound on dictation button

Have any of you noticed at the audible ping appears to have disappeared when tapping the speech recognition button?

I’m not sure when this stopped although the only difference that I can think of is that I updated to the latest software yesterday.

I’ve checked all of the sound settings and they remain correct as far as I can tell and yet I’m no longer hearing the audible Sound that tells me when I’ve activated the button or more importantly when it has stopped by itself.

You know what it’s like… That irritating moment when you realise you’ve been speaking but your dictation has not been picked up. Well, usually you are alerted to the dictation function stopping with another audible ping! That’s stopped happening for me.

What about you?

Having just updated my iPad it appears that I have answered my own question as it was working before the update and now isn’t.

I still get the ping on mine (iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.8). Note that there is no ping if you have the phone in silent mode.

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