Nominations for April 2022 Software of the Month Club

Have at it :slightly_smiling_face:
Feel free to renominate software you may have nominated in past months.
Please — one app per post so that people can :heart: them and a tally can be made.

Nominating HyperPlan again. Would love to see an extended discussion of it.


Reminders - IOS and Mac OS - is my pick.

I am intrigued by Raycast and would like to learn more about it. I currently use Alfred, and am happy with it, but I’m one of those folks who likes to have as many tools as possible in my toolkit.


I’ll nominate FirstSeed Calendar. It’s not the prettiest app but it’s super functional & a solid calendar app.

Some of my favorite features:

  • Calendar sets
  • Calendar sets connected to views (ex. set one calendar set for week view vs month etc…)
  • Customizable Week/Month views (agenda week view, scrolling month view, or month + list)
  • Templates

Alfred is an application launcher and workflow builder (Spotlight on so many steroids. :smile:.)

Alfred is where work starts for me. It’s indispensable. So maaannyyy workflows. (Also, you can create a workflow in almost any major language)

  • Universal Actions (Action on file/text from any where)
  • Clipboard history (all kind of media)
  • Text expansions (with modifiers/placeholders)
  • Fallback searches
  • Inline file navigation/previews etc
  • Super rich/helpful community
  • Super awesome docs
  • Blazing fast
  • Customizable appearance
  • A really cool icon!

Apple Notes

Remarkably sophisticated yet straightforward:
Handwriting with conversion to text (both explicit and behind the scenes)
Attachments, and attachment (PDF) indexing
Shortcut integration
Tagging and Folders
Document scanning and OCR
Cross device sync
Excellent print to printer or PDF (Mac)


Gonna nominate Noteplan here since folks seem so interested in this thread.


Is this still a thing? I’d like to second the Noteplan nomination because I would love to discuss it in detail. It is wonderful. It is flawed. I want to rope the developer into joining our community.


If so, I would like to nominate Panic’s editor Nova.


Good question. It seems that of the two folks who had been somewhat running this, one has quite publicly left the forum and the other has not been seen in a while, perhaps off writing his dissertation?

It seems that there is a tie between Raycast and Noteplan. As I was the one who suggested Raycast, I can go ahead and start thread for that. And @beck could start a thread for Noteplan. Although it should be noted that the March selection, Bunch, generated very little activity on the thread dedicated to it.

Perhaps @ismh or @MacSparky could make the Software of the Month Club choice a segment of a monthly episode, where they dig into the application selected and report back on their experience, with perhaps the developer or a ‘super-user’ as a guest.


Alternatively, we could just split the selections between two months? We’re already almost done April, so it seems like this initiative is missed for April. Maybe Raycast for May and Noteplan for June?


In MPU episode #638, both @ismh and @MacSparky noted that they are using Raycast in preparation for a future MPU episode. Thus I think we can wait for the episode forum thread for the discussion.

So maybe @beck may wish to start a May SOTM discussion thread for Noteplan?